If Merida was Black
The disney Princesses have welcomed Princess Merida into the line up but with her came no prince, she is the type of prince no don't need no man. But out of the ten great disney men we have which one would she get along with the most? Here are the answers

10: The Prince
What Merida would like?...would she like anything about this guy at all?
Dislike? He is a lover not a fighter and Merida wouldn't like that.
"I think her and the Prince would not have much in common. He is romantic, and bland, which she will just get bored by. She woudl think he is pathetic, and Prince likes girly girls. He would think she is all over the place, and is lebih traditional, so they will disagree in a lot of things." Jayden-G
"He's a bit too bland for her" Flutey_Girl96
"I don't think she'd be so pleased if he sang "one song" to her. And why would Prince care her about either. He would just ride solemnly pass her and keeps searching for Snow White." fiina

9: Prince Charming
What Merida would like? The way he yawned a the ball his father threw for him.
What Merida would dislike? Everything else
"She wouldn't understand his dedication to his princely duties. He's very passive and just goes along with his father's idea to have a ball in order to find his son a bride, even though it's obvious he would rather be doing something else. Merida, on the other hand, retaliates when her parents do almost exactly the same thing to her." MaidofOrleans
[i]"She'd find him boring." BelleAnastasia

"Charming could at least be placed in 8 atau 7, I think Merida would like how he yawned at the direction of his father, he's kinda funny." Newbiehere13
"He hasn't left yet? For real? Who could she possibly dislike lebih than a guy with 3 lines who doesn't even go after cinderella himself?" AudreyFreak

8: Naveen
What She would like: His accent (Who doesn't?).
What she would dislike: Everything else, if fact the two of them would hate each other, and may never get along.

"She would be exremely unimpressed oleh his laziness, and his flirty attitude, and he will think she is too uptight, and a b+_&^. It would not work" Jayden-G
"Merida might not like his lazy and rowdy attitude." Newbiehere13

7: Prince Eric
What she would like: He has a ship girls like ships
What she would dislike: He is princey, and a little boring for my taste and Merida's taste she would cinta that she can walk all over him.

"I agreed with what other people berkata about him last round. She would think that he is too bland, generic, and the stereotypical Prince. I could see him being cordial with her, but nothing more" Jayden-G
"I also agree with the komentar that berkata he was too princely." MissAngelPaws
"As I berkata last time, too princely. He goes around bermimpi about girls - totally not Merida's type."MaidofOrleans

6: Eugene Fitzherbert
What she would like: The way he has freedom to do what he wants without parents breathing down his neck.
What she would dislike: Two words. The Smolder.

" I don't think she'd understand his devotion to Rapunzel." MaidofOrleans
"She would think he is arrogant and not funny." Jayden-G

5: Adam
What she would like: When he was a Beast, she likes Big animals.
What she would dislike: The way he waited around doing nothing for a girl to save him...or maybe she would like that...

"Adam just waits around for a girl to drop oleh his kastil, castle and break the spell. Merida wouldn't like that. She would want him to go out into the world and try and find his true love, even though she's not super into that kind of thing." MaidofOrleans
"She wouldn't like his personality." BelleAnastasia
" she would think he's a spoiled bratty pretty boy. and as a monster she wouldnt like him." girlygirlspwn

4: Shang
What she would like: The first man out of all the princes so far and the only one. Bows, swords the daftar goes on!
What she would dislike: He put the women in the kitchen...last place she would want to be.

"It was hard to choose between him and Phillip. While some things about Phillip Merida may not care for, Shang would look SO stern, stuff, and just not fun to her. Merida would cinta how tough and confident he is and especially the fact that he's a captain, but Merida is a fun-loving, adventurous person who hates rules and discipline. She and Shang might hate each other if they actually knew each other." AudreyFreak
"Yeah, kind of forgot about him. I don't see it because Shang is a bit strict and believes in discipline, while she believes in the opposite. She would like his dedication to his strength and being fit and to do well at war, but otherwise, these two have nothing in common." Jayden-G
"I am surprised he's still here. He follows the the rules,he's strict and dedicated." PociandSmith

3: Prince Phillip
What she would like: Dragon Slayer, Dad dumper all around cool guy.
What she would dislike: A ladies man, who loves to flit.

"At least Philip protested to the king and the laws and tradition and that's something she'd cinta about him." PociandSmith
"He spends too much time bermimpi for her taste." MaidofOrleans
"she would like him but still fimnd him to be a bermimpi pretty boy" girlygirlspwn

2: John Smith
What she would like: Everything! This guy is an outdoors man!
What she would dislike: He is bland

"She would probably not think he's very brave, at least selanjutnya to Aladdin. she'd find him a bit arrogant when he accidentally insults Pocahontas." AudreyFreak
"She wouldn't be too fond of his personality."BelleAnastasia
"Merida and John Smith have lots in common. They both changed throughout their movie. They both have an adventurous spirit and are brave. John Smith saved his friend twice and also chief Powhatan and put his life in danger, even in death (if it wasn't luck and Pocahontas) and he knew it while he was doing it. A horrible death really -> being beaten to death, getting a bullet, almost drown. " PociandSmith
"It's too close to call. On one side, she'd cinta Aladdin's humor and rebellion, but on the other side she'd cinta how daring and adventurous Smith is, I think it comes down to the fact that Smith is too serious, but they're both good options." dclairmont

1: Aladdin
What she would like: He's cinta to see new things and of getting into trouble.
What she would dislike: Lying, robber, changed him self for a princess.

"Its not that they would not get along with him, but she would get along with Phillip and John Smith more." Jayden-G
"Aladdin, on the other hand, what does he have in common with Merida? Well, he's brave but not as brave as John Smith and I don't see any similarities between them. Merida doesn't want the traditional life in palace, whereas aladdin dreams of a life like that, with a princess in a palace, surrounded oleh hundreds of servants. She wouldn't be keen on his lies,too." PociandSmith
"Because I think she'd feel that aladdin would care about her opinion and treat her like an equal who can take care of herself and make her own decisions." KataraLover
"I don't think Merida would want to be with a robber" Beastlysoul25

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