All of them.
Just to be clear, I like all of the princes well enough, at least all at some point. This is my opinion, anda don't have to agree.

10. Beast/Adam

What can I say? I hate almost everything about BatB. In the beginning, Beast was pretty awesome. He was scary and had some anger issues, but he was awesome. Think about it. He was so horrible, he was turned into a beast when he was.. I think it's supposed to be 11. Oh well. He was young. That takes some balls to be that bad. Then he met Belle, and OMFG all that bad-assey rage just whithered up and died. I honestly think he made himself cinta her. She was his last chance after all. anda can argue anda all anda want. But even when I was a kid, when he started akting all lovey dovery I'd laugh at it. It's unbelieavable. A slap in the face to his character. Miss I'm-Oh-So-Charming and Mr Bad-Ass-Beast, in love? Yeah right.

The Neutered anak anjing, anjing

9. Charming

People are right when they think he looks like a melted Ken doll. But then again Cindy kind o looks like Barbie, so they must kind of work. All we know about him is he's looking for love, if I remember correctly, and he's too lazy to look for Cindy himself. That atau his dad wouldn't let him. But he has his moments, like when he yawned at the ball. Perhaps he's the funny-romantic type. I'm giving this guy the major benifit of the doubt here. Oh well. He'll survive.

The Bored Romantic

8. Shang

A cinta mulan to bits, so it kind of pains me to put her prince so low. I like Shang. He's a good General, he's passionate and loyal. He's good at keeping his men from dying. I cinta how he fell in cinta with Mulan. I cinta him as a couple with Mulan. There's not much to how I feel about Shang. I like him, but I don't cinta him.

The Kick-Ass General

7. Naveen

I like Naveen only a little bit lebih than Shang, because I like loud personalities. They're a joy to encounter, and anda don't seriously meet a lot of people who's entire being scream, "Hey you! Look at me!" Naveen has a loud persnality because he's lazy and a flirt. He likes to have fun. He likes music, and we both share a great cinta of jazz music. I cinta how he stays himself, yet gains some admirable traits when he falls for Tiana. He's a cool guy, and I like him well enough. I just don't cinta him.

The Jazz Lover

6. Eric

Yet another Prince I only like. Oh, Eric's lovable enough, I just never looked at him and thought, "Well, you're awesome. I cinta you." I like that he falls for Ariel without ever hearing her speak, I cinta that he likes musik and animals. He's shy and noble to me, and that's something I like in a guy. He's the type of person that when he speaks, everyone listens because it doesn't happen to often. I'd cinta to meet someone like Eric. He doesn't have a loud personality, but he's got the kind of quiet personality I enjoy.

The Sweetheart

5. John Smith

One word describes John Smith to me: Awesome. I'm not joking. I used to hate him, but then I rewatched Pocahontas and remembered how awesome this guy is. He's like a shot of adventure. Confident, and passionate. I cinta how he showed how he felt about Poca, anda could just see it in his eyes. I can't really put into words why I like him so much. But I do. Awesome, passionate, courageous and adventerous are all I need.

The Adventurer

4. Flynn/Eugene

I cinta Flynn sooo finching much! I used to be such a tangled fan girl, and he was my my favourite. I like his sense of humour and his cockiness, and his secret insecurity. He's just adorable to watch as he falls in cinta with Punz. I like how adventerous and witty he is, and I cinta a guy with a sense of humour. I never liked how selfish he was in the beginning, but he eventually changed so much that he was willing to give his life for Rapunzel. Flynn, well Eugene, kept a lot of his base character, and made over a lot of his flaws. in the end, I cinta him to bits.

The Selfish Thief

3. Prince

OMFG I cinta PRINCE SO MUCH WORDS CAN NOT DESCRIBE. Despite his lack of screen time, I cinta him so finching much! He's so sweet the way he serrenaded Snow, and how he searched for a tahun for her. And then when he thought she was dead, oh my goodness my jantung would break when I was kid whenever I watched that scene. He's adventerous, I mean come on he just climbed the dinding and was like *BAM* Sup, Snow? I only wish we could've seen lebih of home. And take away the red lips, and I think he's a real cutie.

The Hopeless Romantic

2. Philip

I'm the first to admit I like a nice large dose of Knight in Shining Armour. And Philip is one of the biggest doses disney has to offer. He's courageous and bold and charming and everything I want a classic prince to be. His voice is Heaven, he dances amazingly, and had enough guts to tell his dad straight up he's going to marry the beautiful peasant girl. I have my moments where I pertanyaan his moments, but I choose to remain blind and believe in the dream he and Aurora keep talking about.

The brave Knight

1. aladdin

There is no on how much I adore Al. He's amazing in my eyes. I have a stronger connection with him than any other disney character. We both grew up poor and bascially alone. I can relate to his lying. Back when I was really insecure, I used to lie about everything. I just adore him. He's everything I could ever want. He's sweet, he's got a sense of humour, and he wants adventure. And he's just adorable. I cinta his story too. The exotic, male version of cinderella that has plenty of laughs and awesome songs. I've got to stop now, atau I'll end up rambeling. :)

The Selfless Thief