Wish I could be a disney prince(yes I'm using a line from Part of Your World)
So I made my favorit daftar and I thought I might as well make a most handsome list. I'm a guy so it's kind of difficult for me to talk about guys looks. If only I was as good at talking about guys looks as girls on fanpop are with girls. Anyway komentar telling me what anda think.

I know I'm going to get attacked for this but I actually think he's really ugly. He's a good character but I just find him ugly. His eyes are too small and weird looking. His nose is strange and his lips look weird. I don't like his hair, I know it's traditional but I think it looks stupid. His smile looks like the Mona Lisa. Ping is much better looking than him and he's a she! I don't think he does justice to someone as beautiful as Mulan. However he has the best body of all the animated males.

I think he looks the best in his portrait but other than that he's homely, bording on homely. I hate his hair, it would look nice if it was short. His facial stucture is strange. I like his eyes and smile. He's not ugly but he almost is. There's nothing much to say about him.

8.John Smith
Just like with Pocahontas I find him really homely. His eyes are creepy, his features are too pointy, and his hair is flat and paper like. He only looks nice in this picture and he has alot of ugly shots. There's not much for me to say about him. Well one lebih thing that even though I prefer Smith as a character, Rolfe is much better looking.

From this point on all of the disney princesses are nice looking. His best feature is his hair, I really like it. I actually had my hair styled like that for a while. His eyes are nice and his smile is sweet. Not much to say, he's just plainly cute. His features aren't that well animated atau developd. There's nothing much to say, he's nothing special.

He's actually really cute I think. His hair is stupid but he as an amazing smile! His features are kind basic though and he looks a bit like a Ken doll. He actually improves in the sequels, in the detik movie he's a pretty boy and in the third movie he's handsome. If he looked the way he does in the third in the original than he'd be number 4. The puncak, atas 5 are much lebih than just cute.

I dislike him but he's pretty good looking. He's much lebih than just cute but he's not handsome, he's one of those pretty boys. anda know lik those popstar boys. His hair is his best feature. He has great eyes and a charming smile. He's really underrated in the looks department, he's good looking but not this hot sexy god girls go on about. I don't know how to describe him, he's just a pretty boy and not handsome.

Now we're to the disney princes I think are handsome. He has an amazing smile! He has a normal nose, which back then was considered an accomplishment for animated characters. Phillip has a hairstyle lebih typically found on gay men, and I don't personally care for it. His eyes don't have highlights but still are nice. Besides his hair there's two other reasons I don't have him higher. He looks too much like me, at least I think so. detik reason is I think the others are lebih unique looking.

He maybe my favorit but he's not the most handsome of all the disney princes, but still handsome. first of all he hasthe best hair ever, I wish I had his hair. He has great eyes and an amazing smile. I like that he's handsome without having to be one of those muscular types, he can just be one of those scrony guys. I like that because I have his exact body, well excepy my nipples are amatomically correct. The reason he's not higher is because for one he's kind of inconsistant; most of the time he's handsome but sometimes he's just cute atau average. I hate his nose! Plus the others are just better looking.

As much as I hate him I have to admit he's really handsome. It kills me to put my least favorit prince higher than my favorit prince but he's unfortunately better looking. He an amazing smile and I cinta his hazel eyes. I also like his hair. At least his condencents to some extent his awful personality and irritating voice. His looks are the one and only thing he has that does justice to Tiana. However he's not higher for one his hair; I like it but it reminds me of how mine use to look and I HATED how my hair use to look when it was curly. Plus the fact that he can't possibly compare to my number 1.


He's definitially the most handsome animated male ever created! I wish I looked exactly like him! Can anda blame me for wishing that? LOOK AT HIM! He has the best eyes out of all of the disney princes. He has the best nose, best smile, basically best everything, except hair. I really like his hair, in fact recently I've started styling my hair like his, except my bangs aren't as big and my hair is brown, but I'm planning to dye is black. anda can't blame Ariel for falling for him, I mean come one! He's the one male character that does justice to Ariel's looks. Their combined looks created the most gorgeous child ever, Melody. It's no wonder why all the girls of fanpop get all gaga over him, usually I'm annoyed oleh fan girls but he deserves it. There's not a single bad shot of him that I know of at all. He's just the most handsome of any animated male character and I'm pretty sure a lot of anda girls will agree with *coughs*especially princesslullaby*coughs*.