I will never be yours,you creature
Here is a daftar of my favourite heroines from film that I love.

#10 Odette(Swan Princess)

At no 10 is Odette from The angsa, swan Princess. What I like about Odette is that she is so beautiful and so sweet. In the beginning of the movie she starts off very nerdy and then she becomes a beauty. She gets transformed into a angsa, swan oleh a warlock who wants her for himself. The reason why I added her at no 10 is because she never saved her mans life at all ,in fact its Derek who saves her from Rothbart.

#9 Fiona (Shrek)

Fiona is from Far Far Away and she is the princess in the shrek trilogy. She is the cinta interest of shrek who is an ogre as well as herself(she transforms into an ogre whenever the sunset goes down but she ends up being an ogre in the end). What I like about Fiona is her feisty ways and her attitude towards shrek and Donkey. She is also quite stubborn like Belle from Beauty & the Beast. She also can kick ass.

#8 Belle(Beauty & the Beast)

She is my 3rd favourite princess because she is stubborn, quite a daydreamer and she is very good to the Beast as she teaches him a thing atau two about control his temper. She wasn’t born royalty at all as she was just a normal French girl bermimpi about romance and princes in disguise.

#7 Anastasia(Anastasia)

anastasia is from 20th Century rubah, fox just to remind anda on this spot. She is so hilarious and very feisty like Fiona from Shrek. Born in Russia she is the princess of Russia who suffers from amnesia because she ran after the train with her grandmother. Years later she is in an orphanage and she is looking to go to Paris. She meets Dimtri who is her cinta interest and of course Vladimir. I would have put her at no 1 but I decided to save it for someone else. She saves Dimitri from Rasputin who is the evil monk in the movie. What I like about her is that she can get quite stubborn and she has to get her own way as she and Dimtri don’t get along whatsoever, they fight and argue yet they fall for each other in the end of the movie.

#6 Pocahontas

She is a native American princess who falls in cinta with an English sailor named John Smith(but thanks to that STUPID SEQUEL they don’t). She saves John Smith from getting beheaded(well it looked like that’s what the chief was going to do with him) and Pocahontas comes to the rescue.

#5 Tiana(Princess & the Frog)
Ok so a lot of anda cinta The Princess & the Frog as well as myself but what really bugged me was the scene where Tiana defeats Dr Faciller. Sure your going to say oh she loves enchanted lebih but its just that the Dr Faciller death scene was absolutely pathetic I mean all that happens is that she gets the talisman off of Dr Faciller throws it down the ground and the song friends on the other side is playing as the poor villain gets dragged to hell and turns to stone. Stupid,Stupid,Stupid death scene. Tiana btw is very hardworking and she is my 6th favourite princess. I think she’s funny and very sassy too. I do cinta PATF but its not my all time favourite.

#4 Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Ariel is my favourite disney Princess and what I really like about her is that she is optimistic and has an amazing bernyanyi voice. Although she never saved her man’s life(Prince Eric) but at least she tried to protect him from Ursula the villain who died after she got stabbed oleh the sharp edge of the ship and she gets struck oleh lighting.

#3 Jasmine(Aladdin)

melati is another favourite Princess of mine as she is quite arrogant at times and she is the cinta interest of Aladdin. Although she never saved her love’s life but she does distract the evil Jafar who wants to marry melati and take over her father’s place as Sultan. Another thing I like about her is that she doesn’t care if she marries outsider as she loves aladdin for who he is.

#2 Jane(Tarzan)

What I like about Jane is that she is quite hilarious and very good at drawing. She is the daughter of a professor who joins her and Clayton(the villain in the movie) to the jungle where she meets Tarzan who is the cinta interest. My favourite part in that movie is where she tells Tarzan to put her down and then she yells oh pick me up ,pick me up so funny.

#1 Giselle(Enchanted)

I don’t give a damn if anda think that she doesn’t deserve a place but I think she is the best herione to be honest because although she drives anda to drink at times but what I really like about Giselle is that she is sweet,pretty,quite annoying from time to time and behind all that sweetness is a heroine who saves her man’s life aka Robert Phillip from the evil queen Narissa who takes him up to the Woolworth building. Hailing from Andalasia she is a parody princess of Snow White( her sweetness),Ariel’s spunk, and Cinderella’s bermimpi ways.

Shrek,theres something I have to tell anda
His no monster Gaston anda are
Dimtri do anda think im royality
I cinta him father
I suppose anda want a ciuman
Daddy I cinta him
I am not a prize to be won
Daddy what is it
Im sure oleh morning he will rescue me from this strange land