Here's some pinup disney ladies... Yes, this is the best I could find. Stfu.
I, for one, am much too lazy to go into detail about every single one of them and you'd all soon get irritated with my bitching about the ones at the bottom. So I thought I'd do anda a favour and just give anda my puncak, atas ten.
Yes, I swear. anda can moan about it as much as anda fucking want to, but I'm not going to stop doing it.
I'm also used to a bit of controversy. So if anda don't like this, then sucks to be you. On with the countdown!

10) Cinderella
Please take note: This dress is SILVER. Kthx.

I don't actually know how she managed to get on here, but whatever. It's not that I dislike her, but I don't particularly like her either.
With Cinders, I'm sort of neutral. Her personality is way too generic but she looks like a fucking supermodel and that gives her plus points. Her hair is awful, but all she needs is a good hairstylist and she'll be on her way. Some of her clothes do not beruang talking about (particularly that god awful nightie!) but she's generally quite well-dressed. In fact, she's so neutral it sort of irks me. I like to have a passion about things, whether that passion be negative atau positive, and the only passion I have for Cinders is for her amazing face. I seem to have run out of things to say on her as a result. So let's pindah on.

9) Ariel

I like Ariel. Maybe even cinta her. She makes me laugh, and that's a quality that I adore. Ok, so she looks about 12 when she's supposed to be 16 and she has the worst fashion sense in the history of the world (thanks a lot, the 80s!) but she's still pretty cool. Though, I am still unsure as to what a guppy is...

8) Tiana
This lucky menggerutu, jalang married Naveen twice... TWICE! Well, she is epic, so she deserves a guy that amazing.

Might possibly be my detik favourite disney film. Depends on how I'm placing Hercules. Above atau below? Who cares? Either way, one of the things that made that film awesome was Tiana.
HER VOICE IS AMAZING. OMG. Do people actually talk like that? It shocked me so much when I watched it. She opened her mouth and this beautiful sound came out... Ohhhhhh, Tiana. Your voice is heavenly.
Secondly, she cooks. What isn't amazing about someone who cooks? anda see, this is what makes Snow White better than Belle. She makes a killer pie.
Then there's her fashion sense. Hmm, so that hat and mantel are awful monstrosities, but pretty much everything else she wears is quite nice. Except for that thing at the masquerade ball... and the light green thing she wears on the balcony with Naveen... ok, so some of her outfits are awful. BUT THAT GREEN LILYPAD DRESS. It was there for all of 3 detik but I fell in cinta with it. Possibly one of the best dresses ever. Epic win points to Disney.
I cinta her attitude as well.

7) Jasmine
"Hah! Tiana may have got Naveen but I got the higher spot on this countdown!"

Having recently watched aladdin again, I have this to say on Jasmine: SHE'S FUCKING EPIC.
Her attitude is so snappy and tell-it-how-it-is. And she's astoundingly beautiful. She never goes wrong in the fashion department, either. There aren't many bad things to say about the girl and rightly so. She's got a slightly funny edge to her and she doesn't hold back. What's not to like?

6) Kida
Ok, so it's not an amazing picture of her. But she's still beautiful, I tell you!

Yes, Kida. Why so shocked? I cinta this girl. First off, she's STUNNING. A lot of people don't think so but I certainly do. White hair for one. White hair and that beautifully tanned skin. Oooh, yum. Plus, she doesn't wear much. That counts for something.
She's very smart and fiesty. She likes to fight and she makes me laugh with her inability to hold back at any diberikan moment. Even when she's been captured, she still gives the guy she just floored a boot in the side in anger. That's how amazing she is. And she can speak tons of languages. When she spoke French, I was like "Ohhh, I can understand what she's saying I feel smart!" and that obviously gives her amazingness points. French stuff always gets amazingness points.
She's also sort of awkward and geeky. When she smiles, it's lopsided and funny. That's something else I like about her - she isn't perfect.

5) Pocahontas
Kocoum was never serious. That poor guy was just trying to restrain his boner at the mere sight of this.

I adore Pocahontas. She's one of the most beautiful disney girls ever. I can only think of two that could ever beat her for that title. Apart from that, she's an amazing singer and I cinta her personality. She's very well dressed (it's not like anda can go wrong when anda only have one outfit!) and her hair is made of epic win. It's like this raven waterfall of epic. A very hard to draw raven waterfall of epic. Heck, it's so epic that even SunBurst can't draw it and she's an epic drawer. <3

4) Jane
"Me Jane. anda Michelle. Get it right!"

I cinta JANE SO GODDAMN MUCH. She's funny and witty and clumsy and silly. She's pretty much a clone of me which makes me laugh. She has her crazy moments and she goes all squee when she finds something that she's passionate about. She isn't afraid to lash out and she tends to draw things at the least suitable moments. She is the most actively challenged leading lady out there and that's pretty much how I am too. As if that wasn't enough, she's British... LIKE ME. Seriously Disney, have anda been copying me without my knowing?
While we're on the subject, she's another one with an epic voice. It suits her so beautifully and oh, it just sounds so nice.
Her outfits aren't the best, but she's Victorian so we'll let her off. She has just about the cutest face ever though.

3) Mulan
Reflect before anda snack, guys!

As we descend on the puncak, atas three, we very much enter where my passion lies. I've always loved Mulan. She was my favourite when I was little and I still adore her now. She's stunningly beautiful (the detik most beautiful disney Princess if anda ask me. After Poca, of course) in a natural way. She's well dressed. She's funny. Oh, she makes me laugh so much! Her clumsiness and social awkwardness make me giggle anyway but when she's paired with Mushu... WHAT A LOLTASTIC MOMENT OCCURS.
"My ancestors sent me a lizard?"
"Dragon. I don't do that tongue thing."

2) Megara
"You know how men are. They think 'no' means 'yes' and 'get lost' means 'take me, I'm yours'!"

The queen of the witty lines is here. The detik most beautiful disney woman. She's stunning and funny and her outfit is amazing. Her hair is another one so epic that pretty much nobody can draw it right (I've tried and failed) and her eyes. THEY'RE FREAKIN' PURPLE. Purple. Purple like a... purple thing. The only other person with purple eyes is Facilier and he's epic win in a tin. Then, there's her voice (yes, I have a thing about voices). IT IS MADE OF EPIC WIN AND AWESOMENESS. So gritty and sly. And when she sings. Ohhhh. I Won't Say I'm In cinta is one of my favourite disney songs, easily! Meg's so amazing. Plus, she's different. Good different, not bad different. She's pretty much a villain for most of the film, if against her will, and she's suffered heartbreak before. It makes her lebih real.
But still, she couldn't beat...

1) Esmeralda
This picture pretty much proves my whole point. She's mid-conversation, she looks like she's yawning... This should not be attractive. But it IS!

THE BEST WOMAN disney HAS EVER CREATED. She's astoundingly beautiful, she dances, she sings like an angel, she's witty, she has an amazing man, and she has the best dress ever. It's red and spandex, meow!
The best way to do this is take it one step at a time. Let's start with: she's astoundingly beautiful. Forget the finest girl in France - she's easily the finest girl to ever have lived on our TV screens. She's actually got boobs (thank anda Disney, thank anda thank anda THANK YOU) and the beautifully curvy body to hold them up. Her face is always amazing. I make YouTube video a lot and I have to go through some scenes frame oleh frame to get it exactly right. And Esme doesn't look bad for a single goddamn one. When she smiles, the world melts. AND HER HAIR. Oh, don't get me started on her hair. It's this toussled messy piece of raven epicness that's somehow completely and utterly PERFECT. No wonder Frollo was pretty much jizzing every time he saw her. He only wanted to kill her to save on laundry costs.
Everything about Esme is epic. I mean, her foster father is Clopin. CLOPIN, FFS. anda DO NOT GET lebih EPIC WIN THAN CLOPIN! She's married to Phoebus and he's rather sexy and very funny. She lives in the Court of Miracles. How goddamn cool is that? :'D
And did I mention? She's a gypsy. That makes her even lebih of an epic win. A beautifully sexy astounding epic win. Don't cha just know it?

That's your lot. Be happy with it.

Here's a pretty picture of Esme Mouse. Who cares if cheese was one of the most expensive commodities in the 15th century? You'd pay it to see her dance.
Isn't she cute? :D