My fav film from disney (Live Action combining 2D animation)
Here are my favourite films that I will never get sick of

Enchanted: A cartoon princess is banished from her cartoon world to modern hari NY and falls for an attorney. Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey bintang in this sweet cheesy fairytale with a modern twist and with an all bintang cast

angsa, swan Princess: A young princess falls for a prince from another land and she has a curse on her thanks to a warlock who changes her into a angsa, swan when the moon disapears.

The Little Mermaid: A teen mermaid falls for a human prince after she saves him from drowning and goes to the sea witch to transform her into a human

Anastasia: A lost princess in Russia gets help with two con men who doesn't realise that she is in fact the real thing. Musical fun from 20th century fox

Aladdin: A streetwise man falls for an arabian princess and gets help from a witty blue genie.

Cinderella: A young girl living with her stepmother and step sisters falls for the prince at the ball.

Beauty and the Beast: A young girl who seems like the odd girl in the village falls for a beast after she took her father's place.

Why I chose these films: I chose them because they are entertaining and they unleash your inner child self and they never get old well not for me anyway. I like alot of the 90's films as they were so watchable and anda could re watch them over and over again. Today's film are usually rubbish and so stupid ,the only film I loved in the 00's was Enchanted, A cinderella Story, 13 going on 30, 27 dresses etc.