I saw other people do a daftar of their favorit non-disney heroines so I decided I would do one too if that is alright! I didn't agree with most lists because anastasia was usually no. 1 and a lot of other great heroines weren't on there either!So this is a pictograph of my favorit non-disney heroines! Just to let anda know, if any of anda don't like my daftar anda don't have to read atau look at it. I won't have the movie titles with them so if anda wonder where they are from just ask! This is my opinion so please no mean comments! I hope anda enjoy!

No. 10 anastasia
No. 9 Thumbelina
No.8 Kayley
No. 7 Asenath
No. 6 Princess Yum-Yum
No. 5 marina
No. 4 Chel
No. 3 Linka
No. 2 Tzipporah
No. 1 San