Giselle in cartoon form
Name: Giselle

disney Film: Enchanted(2007)

Voice/singing voice: Amy Adams

Model: Amy Adams

Sweet, optimistic, dreamer, happy go lucky, cheerful. She is a menyeberang, salib between Snow White and Ariel. Ariel's looks and her optimistic ways in believing in the power of love, Snow White's sweetness and happy ways.

Based on:
She is based on all the disney princess like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast,The Little Mermaid etc.

Giselle has two cinta interests one is Edward a prince from Andalasia, the other an attorney in NY.

Is best friends with a talking bajing tanah, chipmunk named Pip.

Villian: Narissa who wants to remain queen

3 words to describe :
Cheerful, Optimistic, Hopless romantic.

Nationailty: American in NY. In the cartoon world she lived in Andalasia

Specific songs used in the film:

True Love's kiss
Thats how anda know
Happy working song

Other Songs used: ever ever after, So close, Thats amore.

She is sent to another dimension NY city where she meets Robert Philip and his daughter Morgan.We learn during the course of the film that she is a herione and her real true cinta is actually Robert Philip , the divorce attorney who helps her find her so called prince Edward.
Giselle in human form
Happy endings
Giselle in cinta with an attorney