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 Happy Birthday auroraxaurelia!
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Have a good one! :)
beauty and the beast
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Hi there, I'm going to tampil anda how I make my crossover pictures: using GIMP and the polygonal lasso tool! GIMP is a free foto editing software anda can get online, and works for both Mac and Windows machines. I'm using a Mac, so if anda have a Windows then something might be different, I don't know. And this is made for people who either are a) new at crossovers, b) new at GIMP, atau c) new at everything, so if you're a crossover fiend with mad GIMP skillz I doubt you'll learn much. With that said, let's begin!

Step One: Compiling your pictures
For this tutorial I'm going to make a picture of Phoebus...
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 oleh ME!!
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So these ones will actually explain why I'm into the ship... for the most part

#7- Toothiana & Nod
So this couple only has 2 pics and I fell in cinta with both of them. Chesire is really gifted! But I also ship them because Nod was interested in MK because she was new... and Tooth isn't just new but is dedicated and loves her work and that is very infectious and she's very pretty for a hummingbird/person hybrid I could see this couple working because I see their interactions always being fun and Tooth could teach him the joys of being in cinta with what anda do in life

 oleh Chesire
By Chesire

#6- Tinkerbell...
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A lot of these ships exist only in my mind but the good foto are done oleh great editors here on fanpop and I gave them credit but if your pic. is here and anda still have a problem komentar and I'll replace with a horribly edited one oleh me.
also I multi-ship so...

I support a lot of ships and I wanted to make a puncak, atas 10 daftar b/c I cinta lists but whittling them down was hard so I stopped trying to elimination process at 27 so here is my daftar of favorit crossover couples.
part 1 anyway

#27- Marie & Oliver
 oleh summerjoy11
By summerjoy11

#26- Kayley & Tarzan
 oleh LightningRed
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