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 "Leaving so soon?!"
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From my fanfiction Beauty
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This disney crossover foto contains anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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Arial's Point of View

Arial was opening a cokelat Frog with her best friend, Jasmine. "What card did anda get?" melati asked. "I got Nicholas Flamel. It berkata that he created the Philosopher's stone that made anything immortal including him." Arial replied. "What did anda get?" Arial asked, raising a red eyebrow at her friend. "I got morgan Le Fay,a dark witch. She is widely known in the Authrian legend as Arthur's half sister." melati replied. "Yours is alat pendingin, pendingin than mine." Arial commented. melati just giggled and went on their way to Hogwarts.

Finally, they got there. A huge man cried out,"...
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 I guess anda could call this their wedding picture
I guess you could call this their wedding picture
{A/N}: Sadly, the last chapter, was the last chapter. Sorry to say. :( But, this will probably explain what happens after they get engaged!

After Proteus proposed to Kida, the two got married the following afternoon. Both their sides of the family attended the spectacular wedding of the tahun which was held in Atlantis beneath the surface. When Kida's father named them, husband and wife, they were finally ready to spend their lives with one another. They return to Syracuse to keep the royal family name alive.

Years later, Kida is pregnant and is berkata to have a handsome baby boy due the selanjutnya year....
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peter pan
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Here's the 2nd prolouge which is Quasimodo's story. If anda haven't read the 1st prolouge yet there's a link to it in my poll, but if anda missed it here it is link

Even though Quasimodo enjoyed being alone he wanted to find love, he did have his best friend Esmeralda who was married to Phoebus, but they didn't met so often nowadays.

His stepfather Frollo was gone, but he still lived in the Notre Dame cathedral with the gargoyles who where his only close friends that he met everyday. Today it was The Festival Of Fools, a hari when everything was the opposite to what it normally was. Ever since...
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    "Scamp, now that all this is over, can anda tell me what anda were going to say when I told anda I cinta you?" asked Angel.

    "Yes I can, I cinta anda too." berkata Scamp as he licked her.

    I looked at the kids with their families and I just felt sadness inside me. I have grown to cinta those kids so much that it hurts me to actually let them go. I know I can visit them but it’ll hurt me to see them as anjing because the ones I’ve grown to cinta were humans. I’ll never be able to see those faces again, except in my memories. I knew...
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It's the following hari since Proteus and his men have met Kida and her acquaintances. Now, they are getting ready to leave on a new ship that the people of Atlantis have donated for them. "Well," Proteus says as he finishes throwing a large chest full of sharp swords onto the deck of the ship. "That should be everything." He smiles. "Yeah but," One of the prince's men swings from a long rope from the mast of the boat. "How do we know where to go?" That was very true. No one had known how to get out of Atlantis. If they attempted to, they would be most likely to get lost. "I think I may help."...
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