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This disney crossover fan art might contain balon meteorologi and meteorologi balon.

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posted by PrincessBelle2
 “You’d have noticed if I’d fed on you, even if I’d hypnotised you. Trust me.”
“You’d have noticed if I’d fed on you, even if I’d hypnotised you. Trust me.”
“So, where do anda want me to start from?”

“The beginning would be good.”

Lestat smirked. “The whole sordid bit?” He sat down on the sofa and leaned back, looking up at her. “Where a young man, barely an adult, was abducted and turned into a vampire oleh another who then left him to fend for himself for years; who abandoned him to learn the rules of vampirism alone?”

Tiana sank down onto the table, facing him. “How old were you?”

“ I was almost thirty.” He shrugged at her. “I can still remember, even now, how scared I was; what it felt like when my jantung was racing in fear.”...
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 "You think I read your diary?"
"You think I read your diary?"
“BELLE!” Meg knocked on her door loudly. “BELLE!”
“All right, all right I heard anda the first ten thousand times” Belle got up and opened the door.
“What is this?” she held up a notebook.
“A book, maybe anda should try membaca one” Belle berkata sarcastically.
“But it’s not just any book, it’s my diary”
“Okay, it’s your diary. What point are anda trying to make?” Belle asked.
“I found outside your locker!” she threw the notebook at Belle’s feet. Belle picked up the diary.
“So anda think I read your diary?”
“Look, did anda talk to Snow about this, atau Tiana?...
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Here's the 2nd prolouge which is Quasimodo's story. If anda haven't read the 1st prolouge yet there's a link to it in my poll, but if anda missed it here it is link

Even though Quasimodo enjoyed being alone he wanted to find love, he did have his best friend Esmeralda who was married to Phoebus, but they didn't met so often nowadays.

His stepfather Frollo was gone, but he still lived in the Notre Dame cathedral with the gargoyles who where his only close friends that he met everyday. Today it was The Festival Of Fools, a hari when everything was the opposite to what it normally was. Ever since...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
"Shang! Shang?!" I shout as I come in from my trip to the library.

France tends to be very clean without all of the snow coming in. And natal is only one week away. As I walk towards the dapur and set my bag on the glass tabletop, I spot a folded piece of paper near the persik scented candle.

My dearest Belle,
I got an urgent call from one of my assistants. His wife just had her baby and I have to work late. I'm at the dojo from 10:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.


I look up at our modern classic clock. It's 3:30. Maybe I should go visit him. Unless I'll just be a distraction. No, that can't be...
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