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For sumerjoy11. ^^
posted by StarWarsFan7
As Melonie and I keep walking and talking, I decide to ask her some questions.

"Soooo, why did anda run away from halaman awal anyway?"

I ask her. She just shrugs.

"It's a pretty long story." Melonie says with an embarrassed chuckle.

"Oh. Well, if anda don't mind me asking, were you, I don't know, feeling like an outcast. Cause, anda know, I. Was." Melonie asks.

I'm not confessing anything to this girl but, I've got to make her feel comfortable in telling me something. "Yeah. I know who anda are." Oh snap! What if she really does know who I am?! I'd be in deep, deep trouble!

"Okay then. Who am I?" I try...
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It had been exactly one hari since John Smith had seen the beautiful girl, and the whole time he hadn't been able to get her out of his mind. He hadn't told anyone else about the incident, not even Thomas. They would have just thought he had been going crazy, atau thinking about Pocahontas again. But for once his mind hadn't been constantly relooping the memories of her, and this girl hadn't looked anything like Pocahontas either. John Smith hated to say it but the maiden had been much lebih gorgeous than anyone, atau anything he had ever seen.

After she had dived into the water, he had circled the...
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Gosh darn it LoveAndHeartbreak did it again! The story is absolutely incredible. :O
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posted by MegaraRider
 ...in hiding and using a fake last name.
...in hiding and using a fake last name.
My name is Jane. No last name, for now. (Though, most of anda may know me as Jane Porter; that is not my real last name.) I am on the run and it is best not to give away too much information about myself. I can tell anda I am a researcher and, as of recently, a writer as well. I have spent a great deal of my time reading, but I have never been one to be interested in fiction. I'm telling anda this, dear reader, in order for anda to understand that this story is not fiction. I have done my research on the events in this story and I assure anda it's all true. It is because of this story that I find...
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posted by BookWorm26

Belle smiled as she gazed into the cinta of her life's eyes. "I'll miss you," she whispered softly. "Belle everything will be fine. I'll have my son back, and we could be a family again." Rumplestilskin( Mr. Gold) smiled at Belle. "Okay," Belle chewed her lip,"But, can I give anda something?" He came closer she tip toed to the line that drew from Storybrooke to the real world. As the tender moment commenced, Belle heard a loud booming noise,and she felt sharp pain ease down her body. She easily faltered into Mr.Gold's arms, and crossed the line. Mr. emas cried,"No!" But a purple energy...
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posted by KataraLover
We went into the lumbung, gudang for shelter and so we'd have time to think of a plan. I feel like my life is flashing before my eyes. There are so many things I haven’t even done with my life. But I promise that I’m not going to let anything bad happen to these kids even if it kills me.

"Chris, if there's a spell anda know that would help save us, now would be a good time to use it!" berkata Angel.

"There's one, but there's a problem. It requires four wizards and I'm the only wizard here that can help us." I said.

"Maybe we can do it." berkata Patch.

"No, it's too dangerous! The spell is so powerful;...
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posted by KataraLover
Three weeks later, Scamp was out of his splint, and we did many activities together including swimming, horse back riding, flying on the magic carpet, shooting fireworks in the backyard, rock climbing, and I even used magic to take them to Antarctica so we could play in the snow. During all of this I have been looking at my magic book, and I finally found a spell to turn them back! It's a potion I need to make, but it has to be individual because I need a strand of their human hair and their dog hair. It'll turn a certain color for each of them so I can tell which potion to give the child....
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posted by bugbyte98
A young girl with snowy hair tip-toed from pillar to pillar. She saw her horribly cruel step-father making a deal with the princess. She gasped before ducking down. “I have to warn Ariel!”

Aladdin and Alem wear spending the hari looking for different types of flora and fauna. And unfortunately that was Alem’s favorit activity. “I think this is a Jasminum sambac.” Alem mumbled while taking notes. “And in Arabic?” aladdin teased. “Jasmine” Alem berkata as he started to wander towards the castle.

Jasmine’s perfect nose scrunched in disgust and she left the drafty underground room....
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posted by StarWarsFan7
As Shang and I are lying on the dipan, sofa in the middle of the living room-library, we hear three knocks from the wooden door. Shang gets up to open the door.

"Shang!" An old-but-young woman hugs my fiance. It's Shang's mother.

"Hello Meiling!" I greet Meiling and she gives me half a smile and half a disgusted look.

"Mother, I am so happy anda were able to make it!"

Ever since I had met Shang for the first time at the perpustakaan and we began dating his mother was always there with us. Just to make sure we're not doing anything, erm, dirty. Of course a lady like me wouldn't do such a thing. When Shang...
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