"Beware the song of a witch..."
"There have been children disappearing for months and anda don't seem to care!"

When Belle Rolfe's siblings gabung the rapidly increasing number of young children that keep on disappearing in their otherwise boring town on the outskirts of a large forest, the happiness of their little family is quickly shattered.

Belle knows that she must do whatever it takes to get them back. After all, they say if a witch lures away your children with her singing, then your children don't have very long left to live.

But the woods are fraught with dangers of all kinds.

Teaming up with a disgraced gong ringer named Mushu, a tiny fairy named tinkerbell and later a gypsy named Clopin to guide her through all the dangers, Belle ventures off to find the children, but will any of them ever escape the woods and make it back home?

And how can they defeat the witch?


Belle - eldest daughter of John and Wendy Rolfe

Arthur - only son of John and Wendy Rolfe

Kayley - youngest daughter of John and Wendy Rolfe

Wendy Rolfe (nee Darling) - their mother

John Rolfe - their father

Mushu - the town gong ringer

tinkerbell - a fairy

Clopin - a gypsy

cinderella - a wicked witch

Orddu, Orwen and Orgoch - three good witches

Taran, Eilonwy, Alice, Lilo, Jane, Shanti, Pinocchio, Danny, Melody, Tiana and Peter - the missing children