disney Channel bintang Singers who's a better singer

Pick one:
miley cyrus
nick jonas
jesse mcartney
selena gomez
I like them all
I like them all
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demi lovato
Added by glossygirl125
Nick, demi and selena! the rest suck
vanessa hudgens
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ashley tisdale
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most of these
most of these
Added by Cheygirl
jonas brothers, demi lovato and selena gomez
jonas brothers,demi lovato and selena gomez
Added by joeluver097
Selena and demi
Added by Semifan1234
Miley and Nick
Miley and Nick
Added by Nazanin
demi, selena, jb, and miley
Added by demi-fan
Everyone but Miley and Vanessa
Everyone but Miley and Vanessa
Added by bubbles4u22
Miley and Selena
Added by Superstar01
Miley Demi and Selena
Miley Demi and Selena
Added by mshoup98
zac efron
Added by coolrumi
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