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 Vanessa Anne Hudgens!
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This disney Channel bintang Singers foto contains potret, headshot, closeup, tarik, daya tarik, and panas.

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Yeah… oh
Tonight I walked into the bedroom
And anda were visibly upset, whoo
And tellin’ me I made a bad move
But I didn’t do nothin’
And anda start screamin’ wake the neighbors
And now everybody’s out for blood
I didn’t want no confrontation
Because of anda that’s what I’ve got

Well, anda gotta chill out ‘cause baby I don’t wanna fight with you
And every battle we fought just made us look like fools

No, anda can’t have a World War III
If there’s only one side fighting
And anda know, whoa oh
That there’s lessons left to learn
Every time anda attack
Doesn’t drive me to fight anda back...
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La, la, la
La, la, la
La, la, la

How come everything turns out
Leaving me with lebih doubts
I feel like I'm upside down
And I don't wanna be here
I go right, should have gone left
And I say things I should have not said
Look at me in this big mess
I don't wanna be here

Everything I do
Is making me lebih confused
Oh, it used to be easy
All I had to be was me
I'm mixed up

Everywhere I go
Is somewhere that I don't know
Oh, I hope that I'm dreaming
'Cause I'm sick of this feeling
I'm mixed up
Somebody help me

La, la, la
La, la

Tell me how to fix this
I'd trade my world for one wish
To go back to my other life
Oh, and get it...
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