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Source: 13/11/2015
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Stegosaurus was the largest of the stegosaur group. Its fossils were found mainly in present-day Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

Like most of its group, Stegosaurus lived toward the end of the Jurassic period, about 150 mya.

Stegosaurus was about 25-30 feet long from nose to tail and probably weighed lebih than 2 tons.

Its most striking feature was the row of large, roughly triangular bony plates along its back.

The name Stegosaurus means "roof reptile". This is because it was first thought that its bony plates lay flat on its back, overlapping like the tiles on a roof.

It is now thought that the back...
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Dilophosaurus probably weighed about 1,100 pounds--as much as the biggest polar bears today.

Eustreptospondylus means "well-curved backbone". This is due to the arrangement of its spine sa seen in its fossils.

The remains of 60 Allosaurus were found in the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry in Utah.

According to some experts, Ornitholestes may have had a slight ridge atau crest on its nose. Other experts disagree.

Oviraptor had two bony spikes inside its mouth that it may have used to crack open eggs when it closed its jaws.

On each foot, a Dromaeosaur had a large, curved claw that it could ayunan in...
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Vascular plants are lebih suited to living on drier land than mosses and liverworts.

They have branching stems with tubelike walls that carry water and nutrients.

These stems and walls also mean the plants can stand tall. Vascular plants have spores (reproductive cells, like seeds)-the taller the plant, the lebih widely it can disperse its spores.

One of the first known vascular plants was Cooksonia. It was about 2 inches tall, with a forked stem.

Paleontologists discovered fossil remains of Cooksonia in England.

Rhynie in Scotland is one site where lots of vascular plant fossils have been found....
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The first dinosaur appeared around 230-225 mya, in the middle of the Triassic period.

These dinosaurus were small-to-medium meat eaters with sharp teeth and claws. They ran quickly on their two longer back legs .

Fossils of Herrerasaurus tanggal from 228 mya and were found near San Juan in Argentina, South America.

Herrarasaurus was about 10 feet in total length, and probably weighed 200 pounds.

At about the same time and in the same place as Herrarasaurus, there lived a similar-shaped dinosaur named Eoraptor, which was only 5 feet long.

The name Eoraptor means "dawn plunderer" atau "early thief".

Staurikosaurus was a meat eater similar to Herrarasaurus. It is known to have lived about the same time, in present hari Brazil, South America.

Procompsognathus was another early meat eater. It lived in the late Triassic period in Germany.

Pisanosaurus lived in Argentina in the late Triassic Period, and was only 3 feet long. It may have been a plant eater.
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The First living things on earth were single-celled bacteria an cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae.

Blue-green algae emerged about 3,500 mya.(million years ago).
It contains chlorophyll and was the first living organism to use photosynthesis atau make energy using sunlight.

Over millions of years, the algae was able to produce enough oxygen to help lebih complex organisms to evolve.

True algae, which is regarded as a plant, evolved around 1,000 mya.

oleh 550 mya, multi celled plants began to appear, including seaweeds.

Algae and lichens were the first plants to appear on land.

Bryophyte plants emerged on land around 440 mya. Bryophytes are simple, seedless green plants.

Unlike vascular plants, which rvolved later, bryophytes cannot grow high above the ground because they do not have stems.
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