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posted by buddy98765432

I guess mom was pretty proud of herself for making me write in that journal last year,because now she went and bought me another one.

but remeber how i berkata that if some jerk caught me carrying a book whth "diary" on the cover they
were gonna get the wrong idea? well, that's exactly what happened today.

Now that rodrick knows i have another journal,i better remember to keep this one locked up.rodrick
actually got ahold of me LAST journal a few weeks
back,and it was a disaster. but don't even get
started on that story.

even whithout my rodrick problems,my summer was
pretty lousy

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posted by ilovemusic12345
In my opinion, i say that this book is amazing. I cinta the drawings and how jeff kinney just does normal stick figures. I think that the teachers should read this to their classes and i think the teacher should read it to herself! This is a hilrious book and im sure whoevers membaca it right now will enjoy it. As rating it would 5 ***** (star) and for the age i would say about 5-17! It may have words that anda dont understand, but the rest of it is super funny. Read this atircle, like it, atau write a comment. BE A WIMPY KID FAN!!!
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