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TruthSeeker posted on May 12, 2011 at 03:50PM
I'm at it again
It's like a welcome old friend
I can't deny myself
The justifiable sin

I stock my prey
I lye in wait
For the perfect moment
To seal his fate

The place is ready
The trap is set
I better double check my work
'cause there's no safe bet

The trap has sprung
His fate is met
I take him to the place
On the table his lifeless body I set

You waken to me
Staring down in your eyes
I see who you are
I see through your disguise

You scream out to me
But it's always the same
"who are you"? "what's going on"?
"why am I to blame"?

And I say, "look at your actions"!
"I'm sure they asked why...
as they layed on your table...
getting ready to die"!!

Now it's your turn
As I draw blood from your face
One more trophy to add to my collection
The blood of the innocent replaced

The time has come
I pick up my blade
With a deep breath and a calculated thrust
The incision is made

The weight of the world is lifted
My soul feels release
Is it for me or for the innocent
I feel so at peace

But I must clean up now
And be on my way
I'll answer that question some other day

I lift the bags from boat
And drop them in the sea
But now it getting late
I must get home to my family

Am I a monster?
Can I be saved?
It seems to get clearer and clearer
That my path has been paved

Maybe Harry was right
I can't help who I am
I'm a righter of wrongs
According to his plan

He says I have too much to juggle
Is it all for not?
If I don't keep it together
I'm gonna get caught

But for now it seems
It's all under control
All this is neccesary
To fill the gaping hole

Because my innocence was taken from me
My soul is lost
So I must juggle what I must juggle
No matter the cost

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu TruthSeeker said…
Ok aside from the grammar errors, what do you think of the poem?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Slasherchick92 said…
I enjoyed it. I pictured Dexter doing his deed during the killing part. Great work!