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misanthrope86 posted on Aug 30, 2011 at 10:39AM
I have become a challenge whore. I found these questions link, however I changed question 22 (because its really random) and question 29 (because Dexter gets bad enough press and we really don't need to add to people's negative perceptions). So anyway, here it is:

Day 1 — Your favorite Dexter quote

Day 2 — Your favorite Dexter episode

Day 3 — Your favorite Dexter female character

Day 4 — Your favorite Dexter male character

Day 5 — Your favorite Dexter Murder

Day 6 — Your favorite Dexter moment

Day 7 — Your favorite Dexter weapon

Day 8 — Your favorite 'Dexter almost caught out' moment

Day 9 — A photo of your favorite Dexter character

Day 10 — A photo of your least favorite Dexter character

Day 11 — A song that reminds you of Dexter

Day 12 — Your favorite season

Day 13 — A character death that made you cry the most

Day 14 — A character who didn't die but you wanted to die

Day 15 — Your favorite sandwich

Day 16 — Favorite film or TV Show with a Dexter actor/actress in it

Day 17 — Which character would you say you are most like

Day 18 — Your Favourite Scene

Day 19 — Favorite Dexter actor

Day 20 — Favorite Dexter actress

Day 21 — Your favorite thing about Dexter

Day 22 — Favourite Dexter relationship

Day 23 — The best thing about Dexter

Day 24 — Would you be Dexter's accomplice?

Day 25 — If you were Dexter would you do anything differently?

Day 26 — Your most shocking moment

Day 27 — Your most upsetting moment

Day 28 — What do you think of the opening theme song?

Day 29 — Best Dexter nemesis

Day 30 — How do you think Dexter will end?

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