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omg your crush is coming this way!!!you:

A:act cool obviously thats the only way to get them!ow!(gets hit oleh the crush)

B:Flirt who cares about the dang multi click!

C:Hope your wearing a cute outfit.

D:Take x-stream measures!

E:Disarm the lazer cannon......

You flirt by:

A:Tell them how hot they are.(gets hit again....)

B:bat my eyes twirl my hair and sell it!

C:Try some new threads to impress them!

D:Show off my brain with science,math,vocabulary etc.

E:Blush and hope that he wont notice your looking at him....

You look for someone who:

A:can be evil.

B:Helps me crush my enemies!

C:Likes my jeans!

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hey everyone!

So, anda may atau may not have heard that I've FINALLY after 5 friggin years, moved over to deviant art!!!


Anyway, as far as these fanficftions go, I'm not sure what to do.
Perhaps I'll still occasionally write/draw some for fun since apparently people have taken a liking to my characters (I've seen a few people here on fanpop use them in their major dexter and Blossom fanfictions).
As far as that whole dream I had at age 12 where I was all like:
"Dude I'm gonna buy the rights and make this a real tampil one day."

Do I still want to do that?....Yes would be FUN however, it's...
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Hi everyone!

So once again I've been putting off posting an artikel on this spot because of the following:

School, Friends, Ex-boyfriends driving me insane, Parents getting a shock divorce, Me going emo, my usual cartoonist duties, looking at college, Watching obsessive amounts of Black Butler and Naruto, Drama, Youth Group, Band, Worship Team, ect.

You get the point....

Everything has been really overwhelming for me in the past few months so I don't check fp often so Im going to answer some of my FQA today since I haven't lately.

Question 1: Do anda have a deviant art account?/ If not why haven't...
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hey guys!

haven't written an artikel in a while so im changing that!XD

So my judul has plenty of meaning as weird as it seems so lets get down to it....(drum rolls)


Actually was on at the same time as Sierra yay!!!

random stuff....

So yeah...random thoughts.

Is it possible that my typing is getting worse?
My hair looks pretty good right now...XD
It's um valentines
I wish it were summer.
I finished the drawing of dexter and Mandark as nyan geniuses lol (Mandark is a cherry/grape poptart while Dex is A anggur and jeruk nipis, kapur poptart hehe XD.)
Current fav songs: The kidzbop version...
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haha!name change!!!

anyways Im sorry it can't be weekly but between nerdy friends, comics, first tahun of high school coming up, art class teaching, youth group singer, etc It's hard to stay up to tanggal so anyway im gonna make it easy on myself today and just do a news cast.

(opening musik plays)

(also 1 lebih thing news cast has changed it's name thought of oleh my dad)

Douglas: Hello and welcome to crocks 25 at 11:49 where we snap up the news im your anchor Douglas E Mordecai III.

Bella: And im Bella l Utonium.

Douglas: So let's go to dexter with traffic again being stupid enough to let Katie steer...
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Welcome to the Weekly Weird! Today, we have may interest-WHAT? No one has done one for over TWO MONTHS? Well then.. WE'RE GONNA CHANGE THAT! ELLIS, GRAB YOUR SHOTGUN!


Okay, let's get this started. I WOULD shove a ton of Fanfiction/Bleedman rongsokan, sampah in your face,


So anyways here's what I'm gonna do: TALK ABOUT acak STUFF.

I saw the WEIRDEST musik video today, anda tagihan, dun even WANNA know... *Shivers*


I want a Steampunk inspired Chara....


"And this concludes your Local broadcast!"