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Fan fiction by lovingflame posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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need art for my book. want to see how many ideas are out there. bintang wars spin. American meets clone wars. 2 different stories. Pathbourne and Dooku's Turncoat. Main character is a green eyed red head female. still working on the stories. Pathbourne has a scene where the main character is in naval uniform watching as the world basically fries as the so called president/dictator has fired nucs on the U.S. as the patriots breach the walled white house on screen in an nuclear powered sub. As it dives down far enough to have reactor problems so that any recovery would be non-existent. atau the gathering of assembled emissaries at a long meja rising up to greet the crown prince of Mandalore.After a supposed illness.
Another is where Zorri has just killed her brother in law after seeing that her sister's head is in a jar on the self behind the bar. The old chief of the Siti. Dog headed people. On the front of a speeder as two newly minted master jedi try to track the escaped Morgan/Pathbourne. Mandalore prince Vizula who is the original of Obi-wan Kenobi. I saw the old trailer of the clone wars.Where Obi-wan has a little problem with a door when it classifies him as a clone. So I...
Review by pnutbuta50 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Hey! Can y'all check out my profil on dA please? I have a lot of great stories and art in my gallery! And komentar your profil name so I can check out your profil too! Check it out! link

Here is my dA Bio! :)

hey Fellow Deviants!

The names Payton-Brooke, but anda can call me PB.I am 4'8" and have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am a single 20 tahun old female from Mobile, Alabama, USA. I am a junior in college working on a degree in Theatre and Sign Language. I cinta to do sports such as golf and hobbies such as singing, drumming, acting, and art.

I had an old account on here that I started in 2008, but this one I have now is my main and professional one.

The most I like is Sonic the Hedgehog, PewDiePie, Cryaotic, and CreepyPastas, but I like some others such as Rosario+Vampire, Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, Gina Densest Weed, etc.

Want to know lebih about me, facebook me (Payton-Brooke), twitter me (PnutButa50), kik me (pnutbuta50) atau even message me here! I also have an Instagram with the same username. Get to know me, I wanna know more...
List by ZaJR posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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I just got tagged oleh Weneegee

1.You MUST post these rules

2.Each person MUST post 11 things about themselves in their journal.(I couldn't do that sorry ^^')

3.Answer the pertanyaan the "tagger" set for anda in their post,and create 11 new pertanyaan for the people anda tag to answer.

4.You HAVE to choose 11 people to tag AND post their icon on your journal.

5.GO to his/her page AND tell the person anda tagged him/her.

6.NO tag backs.

7.NO stuff like "you are tagged if anda read this".

8.You HAVE to ask 11 people.NO LESS THAN 11!

11 things about me

1.I am a huge Invader Zim fan.

2.I am somewhat gothic.

3.I cinta the colors:Black,grey,pink,red,purple,green,and blue.

4.I have 5 dogs,all dachshunds.

5.I like to draw a lot,especially Invader Zim,that's practically all I ever draw.