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The death toll in Fairview has reached an alarming rate of 36 people who have died over the years and Those People are: Updated to 43 people.

1.Juanita Solis (Carlos Mother)
2.Edie Britt-Williams (Dave Williams Wife)
3.Mary Alice Young (Paul young's wife)
4.Martha Huber (Edie Best Friend)
5.Rex mobil van, van De Camp (Bree's Ex-husband)
6.George Williams (Bree's Exboyfriend)
7.Matthew apel, apple White (Betty apel, apple white Son)
8.Nora Huntington (Tom's one night stand)
9.Victor Lang (Gabrielle Ex-husband)
10.Monique polier (Orson Mistress)
11.Alma Hodge (Orson Ex-wife)
12.Diedre Taylor (mike's Ex-wife and Noah...
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The present treatise generally incorporates the matter about Indian Gods and Goddesses of Indian Art and Literature. The Iconographical representation of the Indian Gods & Goddesses, as glimpsed from the Archaeological findings and temple architecture is one aspect and the literary evidences found in our vast Indian literature of Vedic, Epic and Puranic period is the other aspect of the book. Both these aspects delineated in this book give us perfect picture and historical development of Indian Mythology of Gods and Goddesses. The literary and textual material, when illustrated with the...
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