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posted by rookyboy
Derren was born in 1971 in Croydon. It was a difficult birth: his mother was in Devon at the time. A precocious and puzzling only child for some years, he liked to paint, foster obsessive habits, and once set api to a neighbour's perahu oleh accident. Later, after his brother was born, Derren went to study Law and German at Bristol universitas and fell in cinta with the city. This was still at the time when marriages between man and city were frowned upon, so rather than risk public derision, Derren decided to just live there after graduating and vowed never to leave. During this time he didn't...
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posted by rookyboy
Taken from Derrens web site

Cate Blanchett - Stage 1
I've chosen Cate Blanchett because a) I'm a big fan, and b) it's lebih of a challenge to caricature attractive women, (and one which I haven't taken up in a while).

She is unusual in that she's attractive but has very strong features. She has large ears which she doesn't try to hide, a sizeable nose, and her eyes are not large. However, they are widely-set which, coupled with her superb cheek-bones, give her her beauty.

Her long neck and the fact that we imagine her as fairly tall help with the air of regality she carries. All this is a...
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