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posted by sunshinedany
Speak & Spell R : 5.10.1981 (UK)[13]
A Broken Frame R : 27.09.1982 (UK)[17]
Construction Time Again R:22.08.1983 (UK) [18]
Some Great Reward Released: 24.09.1984 (UK)[19]
Black Celebration Released: 17.03.1986 (UK)[21]
Music for the Masses Released: 28.09.1987 (UK)[23]
Violator Released: 19 March 1990 (UK)[24]
Songs of Faith and Devotion R: 22.03.1993 (UK)[27]
Ultra Released: 14 April 1997 (UK)[28]
Exciter Released: 14 May 2001 (UK)[30]
Playing the Angel Released: 17.10.2005 (UK)[33]
Sounds of the Universe R: 17.04. 2009(UK)[36]
Delta Machine Released: 25.03.2013 (UK)[40]

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posted by sunshinedany
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"Nothing" – 4:18 is track no. 9 from "Music for the Masses", the sixth studio album of Depeche Mode, released on 28 September 1987 oleh Mute Records, and supported oleh the musik for the Masses Tour.


Sitting target, sitting waiting
Anticipating nothing, nothing
Life is full of surprises
It advertises nothing, nothing.
What am I trying to do? / What am I trying to say?
I'm not trying to tell anda anything / anda didn't know when anda woke up today.

Sitting target, sitting praying / And God is saying nothing, nothing
Always knows the prospects / Learn to expect nothing, nothing.
What am I...
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