anda fled from medication 'cause it only causes pain
anda won't go to the doctor who keeps calling anda insane
You're lost even when you're going the right way
anda mean the world to me even though anda might be crazy

And anda berkata we wouldn't make it
And look how far we've come
For so long my jantung was breaking
And now we're standing strong
The things anda say anda make me fall harder each day
You're a trainwreck
But I wouldn't cinta anda if anda changed!
Yeah! Oh yeah!

I shook your hand and anda pulled it right away
anda asked me to dance and instead I said, "No way!"
Inside I was dying to give it a try and anda begged me so I stayed
I knew anda were different from the way I caved


We were so different
But opposites attract
So my hope kept growing
And I never looked back
You're one of a kind!
And no one can change this jantung of mine


One lebih thing I thought I'd share with someone special
I'm falling like I never fell before
It's funny anda berkata we'd never make it and look how far we've come
You're a trainwreck
But with anda I'm in cinta