On a bright sunny hari I was outside quietly membaca to myself when I heard a BOOM. There was a silent pause and then a scream, I ran as fast as I could to see what what going on when suddenly there was SLAP and then a CRACK. I was beginning to worry so I decided to climb up a pohon and see where it was from.
I hesitated and then rushed to the nearest pohon and climbed as fast as I could. When I reached the top, I could see Soul, half weapon form and Kid. They were fighting each other with no mercy, Soul was bleeding and Kid was scratched on the face.
I jumped down and found a semak, bush to hide in, I wanted to stop them but I knew, I would also get in trouble if I got between those two. Suddenly Maka came running with ice-creams, but when she saw both of them. Her face turned pale and surprised. Soul saw her and looked relived as he collapsed onto the ground. Maka looked half sad and half angry, she ran to Soul and threw the ice-creams onto the ground.
"KID! WHAT THE HELL DID anda DO?", she asked, now she's crying, her eyes was filled with rage.
"What about me? Is Soul atau anda think about?", Kid yelled.
"I thought, I told anda this before that I will never cinta you", berkata Maka, her voice was much lebih quiet now.
"Why not?", Kid was whispering now. It seemed like he wanted to speck louder but the words just won't come out.
"I.....Just don't feel the same way about anda Kid, now get lost", Maka hissed as she helped Soul up and walked away slowly.
Kid watched them go and slowly collapsed as well. I was worried now, he was bleeding too but not as much as Soul. Maybe Maka didn't see it atau she was just too depressed to care. I didn't care either way, I had to do something so I ran over to Kid and forced his eyes open.
"Wake up!!!", I yelled.
"Go away, just let me die here", he whispered.
"Sorry can't do that", I smiled as I took out my phone and called the ambulance. TO BE CONTINUED.....