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This death note fan art contains anime, komik, manga, and kartun. There might also be koran, kertas, majalah, tabloid, kain, rag, and jendela kaca patri.

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death note
posted by Domofin227
Hi everybody! I'm new here. My name is Ellie; I'm xxXsk8trXxx's best friend.
When I was having my birthday party in April, she showed me Fanpop. I quickly forgot about it, but today I was really bored, so I made an account.
Well, I'm gonna tell anda a little about myself. My hobbies are drawing, singing, and writing. I'm not a big sports person.
My absolute favorit TV shows are Death Note and TDI. My faveorite characters are l and Trent.
I am currently membaca Watchmen, and so is xxXsk8trXxx; only I'm almost done and she's in the middle. I like Rorschach the best.
I've also finished the umbrella academy, like xxXsk8trXxx, and can't wait for the selanjutnya one. My faveorite character is No.5.
I share a birthday with Gerard Way, which is probably one of the reasons xxXsk8trXxx likes me as a friend.
So I introduced myself on this club because I cinta death note. I hope I'll have a fun time on Fanpop!
-Shinigami Realm
"Hey,Rembrea,you wanna come play Skulls and bones with us? No, in fact i've got an idea".Rembrea,the shinigami and Akira a high school student. Both of these individuals would soon change the world.

-Human World
What's went wrong with the world,ever since kira died. crime rate has risen. Everyone has forgotten about kira,near replaced l and is now puncak, atas detective. Someone needs to take kira's responsibility,someones going to have to take a stand and restore justice to Japan.I'll do it i'll surpass kira,and become the new god Akira Yagami! "Akira Yagami,there went the teacher blabbing...
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