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Fan fiction by TheHiddenCane posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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My first try at a DPS fanfic. The plot reveals itself... I'm basically gauging reactions.

Neil couldn’t pull the trigger that faithful night… he’d witnessed a standing ovation, his name evident in the mouths of the crowds: he’d felt… such glory in that isolated moment that he refused to forget and deny the vibrant, living feeling because of yet another moment, but words, though bearing such devastating impact his vocal chords seemed to have snapped when he entered the school the selanjutnya day, bearing his father’s gun in its textile casing in an easily accessible pocket. He’d all but delayed what he deemed inevitable, hoping the desire would lessen as he looked at those he’d leave behind and hesitantly shuffle among them one final time.

He was even lebih silent than even Todd on his worst days, lebih afraid of losing face in front of his father than Todd could be to be wearing his brother’s forever! Soon enough, pertanyaan arose among the group, and he responded only oleh nodding atau shaking his head, averting his eyes sometimes too. Worry seeped in through unwritten lines of dark poetry, climaxing when they asked Neil what his father had...