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pilihan fans: Dave as Rick James
Dave as Rick James
Dave as Prince
pilihan fans: crack addict
They were both great!!
pilihan fans: lil jon
pilihan fans: all of them!!!!!!!!1
all of them!!!- !!!!! 1
season 2
hell yea toke up
no drugs are bad for your body
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44mash44 berkata …
it's taken me 20 years to get here... thank anda for all the tears of joy... giant amounts of respect... the most common ground I have found in my jantung in this world is hope... I would like to share it with ya so anda can continue to help people go from being bummed out as fuck to pissing themselves laughing... not that ya need any of my help but if atau when shit happens to hit the fan, lean on this one... thank anda again for being you... diposting sebulan yang lalu
Btful_Sharon berkata …
Dave, I just saw the SNL show. anda are unbelievable...still at the puncak, atas of the game. Thanks so much from a Baltimore Filipina American. diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Lifeis berkata …
but actually seeing that person express them so well is a real medication of and for jantung and soul. So instead of directly thanking Dave, thanks everything else. diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu