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I was plaining on making DE video with 101 reasons to ship them and I would like to see your opinion (because it will be dedicated to all of you). What do anda think,are these reasons good? And if anda have your sugestions,I'd appriciate if anda write it.
1.    Because he knew right away she wasn't Katherine.
2.    Because he consumes her.
3.    When Bonnie toched her,she saw Damon.
4.    She was the reason he came back.
5.    Because it was nice to meet him.
6.    Because she let...
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Fair warring this artikel states FATCS that are REAL but people make excuse for it atau simply deny it, this the real Stefan Salvatore so brace yourselves.

So from S1 until S3 the writers and the fan have portrayed/ seen Stefan as the “good” brother as the “saint” the selfless brother and all that crap. But if anda really open your eyes for one detik of this picture perfect anda will see the truth. That Stefan from hari one LIED and kept secrets, hides his past and made his brother out to be the “big bad wolf” and him as the scared little boy who has done nothing wrong.

But facts proves...
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What's your opinion on Kevin Williamson's latest interview on Delena? It seemed to depress, annoy, anger and strike fear in the hearts of a lot of shippers.

“Just because we’re putting her with Damon doesn’t mean they’re going to end up together. And it doesn’t mean they’re going to get together.”

OK, I can understand why this would upset fan even though it didn't particularly bother me. fan seem to leap to dramatic conclusions about the future of DE whenever Kevin atau Julie make any kind of komentar which apparently pertanyaan atau challenge whether DE will ever become romantically...
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