Oh boy...THIS episode had me reeling for hours afterward. My thoughts were basically any other DE fan's that were heartbroken. Honestly I felt for Elena this episode...Stefan and Caroline were REALLY annoying me! It felt to me like they treated her vampirism and her feelings for Damon like it's a disease! Also not only did Caroline not give her the time of day, but Stefan acted in a way that was COMPLETELY uncalled for & put Elena in danger because it seems like they both cannot accept that Damon and Elena's feelings for each other could be real.

The original thoughts in my mind were a lot lebih vicious than that, but once I calmed down and thought logically, I realized that Stefan and Caroline have a pretty superficial view on Damon and Elena's relationship. They don't get to see what we viewers see of them most of the time. Sure, they saw in sebelumnya seasons that Damon would do anything for Elena, and that Elena was attracted to him. But unfortunately for them, they don't have the proof to chalk it up to be anything lebih than that. That's why this new vampire Elena is so foreign to them, because the new Elena is willing to travel down riskier paths and glimpses of the 'old Elena' can be seen in that she has fun with Damon, when not too many seasons yang lalu everyone was used to Elena despising him and merely tolerating him. What Elena berkata to Stefan in this episode is spot on...

"The Elena you're familiar with died on that bridge, this is who I am now"

Just because Elena listens to Damon, and does certain things he recommends her to do, DOES NOT mean she's sired to him. Elena has slowly realized that Damon's input is important, and that in certain situations Damon can be very insightful too. If Elena were sired to Damon, what would that mean for the obvious feelings she harbored for him before she turned? Stefan and Caroline never got to witness these two enough before this season to know about it. They didn't see their make out in 3x19 when Elena couldn't hold it down anymore, atau feel the tension in 3x06 when Damon's hand felt up Elena's backside and it left her almost breathless. In addition, if Elena were truly sired to Damon, wouldn't she respond to his every beck and call like Klaus' hybrids? Some fan could argue that perhaps it's a different kind of siring, and a hybrid siring is totally different. The point is though...that all of that is practically IRRELEVANT due to Elena having these feelings BEFORE she became a vampire! Also, if Damon just purely wanted to sire Elena, he could have done it a LONG time ago. He's had plenty of chances, but instead, he didn't even intend to fall in cinta and now he loves Elena regardless of if she's a vampire atau not. Even circa S1, we see Damon tampilkan his insightful and compassionate side to Elena when he met her in the 3x22 flashback.

Elena was completely her own person in this episode. Sure, she changed her mind about a dress as soon as Damon gave his thoughts about it...but did anda see how Elena reacted to Damon's presence in the room? She honestly reminded me of a nervous schoolgirl reacting around a crush. She adjusted her hair a bit, she looked down bashfully, and what's more...is that Damon made a comparison to what she wore at the last Miss Mystic Falls pageant. Usually, a guy that a girl has feelings for that remembers what she wore to a particular event is pretty flattering. Right after Damon uttered those words, Elena's expression looked surprised to me and I think it means something that the TVD crew continually has had Damon atau Elena react certain ways to each other, atau have their expressions towards another be emphasized. Even circa S4.

In my tampilan now, this sire bond storyline is purely an obstacle to further strengthen DE in actuality. Remember that we always survive. What is really the point of the writers doing EVERYTHING they have so far for DE's relationship, only to have it fall through the roof as soon as other characters have a suspicion (it's not really anything lebih at this point) that Elena is not herself because Damon sired her? Like I berkata before, Stefan and Caroline haven't seen how DE just 'click' and make each other better. Caroline still has her tampilan of Damon in that he manwhores, and in that he used and abused her in S1. Stefan underestimates Damon's ability to be trustworthy and compassionate, and to not be manipulative. They haven't seen a lot of this Damon that's grown because a lot of it hasn't been shown to them just yet, and a vast majority of it Elena atau people such as Rose have seen it from him. This is just my opinion, but personally I think this sire bond business will blow over, and lebih characters will come to find that both Damon and Elena's feelings are real and that it's mature and unconditional love. Elena realized she liked Damon lebih than a friend recently, and she realized that she couldn't walk away from it. And when it's real, anda can't walk away. <3