The hari that Nick proposed to Catherine he came to work on a white horse dressed in a completely white tuxedo. Catherine was inside the crime lab with grease from the car she was getting evidence off of. Sarah saw Nick and she said
"Catherine, your Romeo is here to take anda to royal castle." Catherine turned around and saw Nick all the lab rats were looking out of there labs anxious to see what the gossip was. When Nick bent down and asked
"Cathrine I cinta anda and I can't image my life without anda will anda marry me?" She was stunned but said
"Yes, I would cinta to marry anda Nicky." Everyone that was there smiled and asked when the wedding would be Nick and Catherine answered that pertanyaan would be July 4. That night after the wedding Catherine got scared oleh something and spun around right into her Romeo's arms.
"Don't worry I am right here."
That night well in there tempat tidur Catherine berkata
"Romeo, ciuman me atau we will die of us not kissing."
"We shall my lovely Juliet and he kissed her with all the passion he had for her. And they lived happily ever.