Comic buku What Was That Comic? Please Help...

agentdeath posted on May 19, 2018 at 10:06PM
i had read this comic way way back then, i forgot the name of the book. please if anybody can remember it, help me. the comic is about a guy whose parents and family gets killed by "three mice" it's a mafia kinda' hit. he seeks out answers and revenge. it is based on wrestling promoters i think. the character's name is jason i think and he is a gymnast at first, i think, again... some key words used in the comics, the ones i remember are like when the three mice are going in for the hit there's this ... the clock struck eight the mice were late.... also there is this blackmask wrestler who throws the fight and is very angry he let himself humiliate in the ring.... well please if anyone knows of the comic please help me. thanks.

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