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Operation E.I.G.H.T.

After about an hour, they finally reached Kuki Sanban's house. They chapped her door, to see if anyone was in. Luckily no one was, so they gently walked up the stairs, and placed her on her bed. Wally who turned his head, let Ai changed Kuki into her berwarna merah muda, merah muda pelangi Monkey pyjamas. He turned around, when Kuki was smiling away under her tempat tidur sheet covers. They quietly crept out of her bedroom, and went down the stairs.
"I'll catch up with you, in a menit Wally, I have to phone my parents." berkata Mai, when Wally got to the door. He shrugged, and walked out of the house. Once he was far away, Ai took the piece of paper out of the envelope. It read:
Dear Mai, sorry to be all secretive, but no one else should know about this. We will have to visit this time stream, to defeat our biggest enemy. (your present the now) And anda have to gabung the Kids selanjutnya Door, before your thirteen birthday. Once the hari comes for anda to be decommissioned, we (I and your future self) will rescue you, that way anda can remember everything, without using the machine. Then we will hide anda in Japan, that way no one will find you. Oh and make sure Wally keeps out of trouble, atau else he'll be getting a but kicking, when I get to him. Oh and also remember to give me my letter, atau anda could hide it inside my diary, then keep the diary hidden, until I accidentally come across it.
Yours sincerely,
Kuki Sanban
tahun 2014
P.S There will be lots of events to come!
Ai stared at the paper, until Kuki walked down the stairs.
"Hello Mai, how are you?" asked a tired Kuki.
"Oh, I'm just fine." replied Mai, while trying to hide the paper.
"What's that you’re hiding?" asked Kuki, while rubbing her eyes.
"Oh nothing, so I hear anda got a test selanjutnya week. Hmmm." berkata Mai, while trying to change the subject.
"Do we? I better look over just incase, bye." smiled Kuki, while heading back upstairs. She stopped in her tracks, and came back down.
"Do anda know I had the weirdest dream, you, Nigel, Abby, Hoagie, Wally, Sandy and his knights, and me, where all there." berkata Kuki.
"Really? What was it all about?" asked Mai, while thinking her cousin guessed what they were up to.
"It was about…. About pelangi monkeys, and Wally went on the ride with me, and berkata he…. And berkata certain things." lied Kuki. Mai sighed with relief, when her cousin went back upstairs. Kuki never really studied, she just went back to sleep, so she could relive her dream.
Mai smiled, while walking out the house. She walked down the jalan, street and headed towards Nigel Uno's pohon house.
Wally walked in miserably. He couldn't believe that, he has to wait for another three years, to tell Kuki how he feels. Even though he already told her, and now to make things worse, there's this issue with this thing in the future. He sat down on the couch, while his team mates, were nowhere to be seen. He switched through the channels on the television, while waiting for his friends. Soon after five minutes, his team mates, and Mai come walking through the door.
"So, Mai, anda want to be a Kids selanjutnya door operation? Huh?" asked Numbuh one, while walking into the pohon house.
"Yes, and I would like to start now." replied Mai, while tagging along behind him.
"So, why do anda want to be an operative all of a sudden?" asked Numbuh two.
"Oh, just a sign, and I want to be one as well." she said, while sitting down beside Wally.
"Oh, hi Wally, I heard what happened, from anda know, yourself." berkata Numbuh two, while also sitting down.
"Yeah, and I finally did it, until I finally showed up, so what did I say to you?" asked Numbuh four.
"Oh nothing, it's a puncak, atas secret, I can't tell." replied Hoagie.
"Oh, I see." berkata Wally miserably.
"Hey, do anda mind if I use your phone?" asked Mai.
All three of them shook their heads, while Mai stood up, and got the phone. She walked outside the room, and only entered five menit later.
Nigel who was getting tired, went to bed. Abby who was quite bored, went to get her MP3 player, which means that left Hoagie, Wally, and Mai.
"So, who were anda one the phone to?" asked Wally.
"Oh, just my parents, they would be worrying about me." berkata Mai, while heading towards the door.
"Are anda leaving?" asked Hoagie.
"Yeah, I'm getting a special daftar home, and please don't miss me too much." she replied, while winking, and opening the door at the same time.
Hoagie, and Wally lead Mai out of the pohon house. They stopped outside, on Nigel Uno's front lawn.
"So, is your parents coming to pick anda up?" asked Hoagie. Mai shook her head, while she looked up at the blue sky. It was nearly the end of the day, and she had to get back halaman awal fast. After long slowly minutes, Mai's ride dropped on the ground.
"Don't tell me this is your ride?" asked Wally.
"Of course it is, atau do anda know another way of getting to Japan." replied Ai, while climbing into the flying vehicle.
She waved at the two boys, who smiled back. She was about to sit down on her seat, when she remembered something.
"HEY WALLY." she shouted over the noise of the engines.
"WHAT?" shouted Wally back.
"FUTURE KUKI TOLD ME, TO TELL YOU, THAT SHE WANTS A berwarna merah muda, merah muda pelangi MONKEY teh SET FOR HER ELEVENTH BIRTHDAY." shouted Mai, while smiling down at the boys. Wally understood clearly, and waved up at Mai.
"HEY MAI, JASON WILL LIKE YOU." he shouted. Mai was a bit puzzled, who was Jason? The door finally closed, and Mai sat down. The vehicle lifted up into the air, and headed straight to Japan. (Well that sort of area) She looked out the window, at the blue-turning-into-black sky.
Mai twiddled her fingers, until the vehicle made uncalled for stop. The driver popped out of the aircraft, and came back with a good looking boy, who had short brown hair. He also had light green eyes, that looked like limes. Mai turned to the boy, to see him blushing. She herself blushed as well.
She was going to ask for his name, when one of the operatives beside her, began to talk to the boy.
"Hey Jason, I hear you've finished your training is that right?" he asked.
"Yip and I'm starting in the Information Technology department tomorrow." replied Jason.
"So, what's your number then?" asked another operative.
"It's 5250." he replied. Mai stared up at him, maybe this was the boy, Wally was talking about?…..

Ok people this is my last chapter of my first story!!! I hope anda all liked it!!! I'll be putting out the 2nd story in the series today!! So if anda are a character that hasn't been in the story yet then anda will totally be in the 2nd story!!!
- Numbuh 6 OUT!!! :)

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Really should have put this on the part 1, but:

O.verthought out

Everyones jaw dropped a few feet at the so-called R.V. Val turned to Numbuh 2.
"Are anda sure we can't use the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. ?" she asked.
"Sorry, its been having engine troubles." he answered.
Val the turned to David.
"What about the M.I.S.S.I.O.N. M.A.C.H.I.N.E. ?" She then asked.
"We drove it through a WALL, remember?" he answered.
The "R.V. Rental Dude" swaggered out of the main gates. He was wearing a bright green suit and a cowboy hat.
"Hey! Whats the big idea givin' us this rusted...
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It's..... Just watch it
kids selanjutnya door
cartoon network
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The Count immediately merpati for Kacey, who jumped out of the way. She landed on Raleigh, then scrambled under the big bed. Raleigh followed close behind.
The Count smirked, then he pulled off his glove. Wally's hand reached for Kuki's and he pulled her into the closet.
The Count remembered that there were two others, so he turned around. What he saw was David's M.U.S.K.E.T. in his face. Then, Christian sneaked behind him. He got the Count in a head lock.
"Vow, I never expected anda two to ever get me." The Count said.
"SHUT UP!" David yelled. His M.U.S.K.E.T. was inches away from the Count's...
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Numbuh 362 tapped her C.O.M.U.N.I.C.A.T.I.A.N. device rappidly.
"Hello? Hello?!?! Numbuh 1000!?!"
The line was dead. She turned to a asistant.
"Get me Sectors Q, SV, and V ASA-NOW!"
The S.C.A.M.P.E.R., M.I.S.S.I.O.N. M.A.C.H.I.N.E., and C.O.O.L. B.U.S. landed in the parking lot outside the quarentined school. Kids selanjutnya Door operatives lined the perimeter, road blocks placed at every opening.
Kacey stepped out of the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. and cleared her throat.
"Alright people, listen up! Here is the plan. My sector will distract the...
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Scooter licked Kuki's face. She giggled, and it woke her up. Kuki had passed out from all the fighting, and Wally merpati downstairs to grab Scooter. Why he didn't grab Teddy, I don't know.
"You OK?" He asked.
"Yeah," Kuki said. "Is Fanny alright?"
"She left."
"And the others?"
"They escorted Fanny out. She was trying to 'get' me atau something."
"Oh." Kuki looked around her room. "So it's just me and you?"
Wally felt weird. He blushed, then sighed. "I think so. Unless anda count Scooter." Scooter dooked and ran out of the room. Wally got wide-eyed. "Never Mind."
Kuki smiled. She thought of something....
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halloween night. The best night. atau the worst, if anda are in sectors V and Q. Luck does not run deep on All Hallows Eve for the KND.


"Swishy, swishy, swishy, swishy!" Megan tittered, flouncing her skirt.
"Will anda stop that?!?!" Kacey screached while putting the finishing touches on her Jawa outfit.
"Fine." Megan sighed, tying her red kap, hood on tight.


    They all gathered outside...
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As the children hurried Megan's aid, Silently, Madison worked on her bounded hands. With a quick snap, the duct tape tore. A muffled ''help!'' was sounded behind Kiki and Kuki bounds.
''Ummmmmm.... Nah!'' Maddy giggled with a shrug of her shoulders. Suddenly, she cocked her head to the side. What was that noise? Leaving the wriggling two behind, she marched up to level 7.53. Stopping at a alcove at the puncak, atas of the stairs, she listened to the voices above.
''Man, this was the best plan yet!'' gushed one of the voices.
''By this time tomorrow, they'll be at each others throats!'' laughed another...
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