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7:00 PM. If they weren't in class, the kids could be out on missions atau just goofing off. But NO. They had to learn about the proper way to eat sup and crap like that. Kacey looked around. Raleigh, David and Christian were in the middle of a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors", Emma was drawing up schematics for an escape route, Val was asleep (using her "Please and Thank You" pelangi Monkey as a pillow), Maddy and Minerva were styling each other's hair, Megan was in the middle of giving Wally a purple nurple (OW!) for calling her a nerd because she brought a pen and notepad to take notes, Abby was listening to her iPod, and Hoagie was munching on some Skittles. No sign of Kiki yet.
"Where IS she!?" she wondered.
Just then, the door burst open. Kiki caught her breath, dusted her self off, and sat down.
"Where were YOU?" Kacey pondered.
"Um.....yeah, anda don't want to know. Secret teenage stuff." she answered.
Just then, the doorknob turned slightly, and in walked Mr. Manners.
"Good evening, aspiring young adults!" he greeted.
Val jumped up, surprised.
"HOLYBIGCHEESE!" she said.
Maddy burst out luaghing.
"WHADDUP, DUDE!?" everyone else greeted.
Mr. Manners facepalmed.
"I see that we have a lot of work to do."
"WORK?!" Wally whined. Him and Kiki pulled the "melted toddler" routine.
Mr. Manners growled and walked over to the two.
"Look at you! Your posture is horrendous!"
"What?" Wally asked, confused as usual.
"It means we look like crap." Kiki answered.
Mr. M. stood the two up, and pulled out one of those pointers that teachers use (not a laser one, sadly)
He started whacking (actually lebih like tapping, but anda know how people exaggerate) the two.
"Feet together, head held up high, shoulders down, stand up straight!"
"OW!" both whined.
The younger operatives and Raleigh started giggling. Mr. M. shot them a look, and they immediatly shut up. Megan was taking notes.
"Shoulders down....feet toether..."
"Nerd!" Wally giggled.
Kiki smacked him upside the head.
"Ah, ah, ah. Physical violence doesn't solve anything."
"That's right." Val added, "Psychological domination is how anda solve anything!"
"Exactly!" Kacey retorted, 'Where the 'F' are anda getting your sources, dude?"
Mr. M. sighed, already exhausted after 20 minutes.
" about we start with introductions?"
"But we already know each other!" Maddy said.
"Now who wants to go first?", Mr. M. said, completely ignoring her.
Val waved her hand in the air.
She skipped happily to the front of the class.
"Hiya! My name is Valentina Spankulot, I'm 7-and-a-half years old, my bestest friends are Kiki, Kacey, Maddy, and Minerva, an' I hate Wallabee Beetles' guts!"
Kiki stood up and applauded.
"Well done!"
"All right, Mrs. Chatterbox," Mr. M. said, "how about you?"
"Sure! I'm Kiki Hatrick, I'm 14-an'-three-quarters-years-old, umm...don't mess with me, atau I'll freakin' break your face in..."
"Alright, stop right there. Your speech is terrible. You're supposed to pronounce the 'g' atau 'd' at the end of a word."
"Well, EXCUSE ME for my slightly English accent! Blame my dad for the way I talk!"
Mr. M. sighed and rubbed his temples. Tonight was going to be a LONG night.....
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The Count immediately merpati for Kacey, who jumped out of the way. She landed on Raleigh, then scrambled under the big bed. Raleigh followed close behind.
The Count smirked, then he pulled off his glove. Wally's hand reached for Kuki's and he pulled her into the closet.
The Count remembered that there were two others, so he turned around. What he saw was David's M.U.S.K.E.T. in his face. Then, Christian sneaked behind him. He got the Count in a head lock.
"Vow, I never expected anda two to ever get me." The Count said.
"SHUT UP!" David yelled. His M.U.S.K.E.T. was inches away from the Count's...
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Numbuh 362 tapped her C.O.M.U.N.I.C.A.T.I.A.N. device rappidly.
"Hello? Hello?!?! Numbuh 1000!?!"
The line was dead. She turned to a asistant.
"Get me Sectors Q, SV, and V ASA-NOW!"
The S.C.A.M.P.E.R., M.I.S.S.I.O.N. M.A.C.H.I.N.E., and C.O.O.L. B.U.S. landed in the parking lot outside the quarentined school. Kids selanjutnya Door operatives lined the perimeter, road blocks placed at every opening.
Kacey stepped out of the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. and cleared her throat.
"Alright people, listen up! Here is the plan. My sector will distract the...
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Scooter licked Kuki's face. She giggled, and it woke her up. Kuki had passed out from all the fighting, and Wally merpati downstairs to grab Scooter. Why he didn't grab Teddy, I don't know.
"You OK?" He asked.
"Yeah," Kuki said. "Is Fanny alright?"
"She left."
"And the others?"
"They escorted Fanny out. She was trying to 'get' me atau something."
"Oh." Kuki looked around her room. "So it's just me and you?"
Wally felt weird. He blushed, then sighed. "I think so. Unless anda count Scooter." Scooter dooked and ran out of the room. Wally got wide-eyed. "Never Mind."
Kuki smiled. She thought of something....
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halloween night. The best night. atau the worst, if anda are in sectors V and Q. Luck does not run deep on All Hallows Eve for the KND.


"Swishy, swishy, swishy, swishy!" Megan tittered, flouncing her skirt.
"Will anda stop that?!?!" Kacey screached while putting the finishing touches on her Jawa outfit.
"Fine." Megan sighed, tying her red kap, hood on tight.


    They all gathered outside...
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As the children hurried Megan's aid, Silently, Madison worked on her bounded hands. With a quick snap, the duct tape tore. A muffled ''help!'' was sounded behind Kiki and Kuki bounds.
''Ummmmmm.... Nah!'' Maddy giggled with a shrug of her shoulders. Suddenly, she cocked her head to the side. What was that noise? Leaving the wriggling two behind, she marched up to level 7.53. Stopping at a alcove at the puncak, atas of the stairs, she listened to the voices above.
''Man, this was the best plan yet!'' gushed one of the voices.
''By this time tomorrow, they'll be at each others throats!'' laughed another...
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Numbah 10:finally done hooking it up!
numbah 11:What?
numbah 10:My latest invention the i.c.e.c.r.e.a.m.e.r!
Numbah 13:Well what does it do?
numbah 10:It turns anything into pure sweet ice cream.
Numbah 13:Don't tell me anda believe in all that ice cream mumbo jumbo!
Numbah 10:Mabey.
(ok just so anda all know im shaky on info and this is soposedly the knd's 3rd generation witch is the knd's kid's had kid's)
Numbah 13:Um numbah 10?
Numbah 10:what?
Numbah 13:have anda seen numbah 12?
Numbah 10:Um no.
(ok just so anda all know what they look like numbah 10 has brown hair a berwarna merah muda, merah muda kemeja sunglasses and blue shorts...
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Numbah5:Hey has anyone seen numbah 7?

(Numbah 7 rushes in)

Numbah7:Oh....Wally's getting shoved into a portal....hmmm...don't care...although it could be funny.....

Numbah4:Hello mad woman about to stuff me into a crazed portal here!!!

Suzy:(Shoves him in)


Suzy:uggg your worse than Wushi!

Numbah1 and 2:who the heck is Wushi!?

Numbah7:Man this is lame....I could be so many other places right now....

Suzy:Ugggg whatever!Numbah1 is waiting!


Suzy:Man my dad is stupid.....


Suzy:im in trouble...
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“Oh, COME ON!” Hoagie yelled. “Go out with me! ONCE!”
“No.” Megan sighed. Hoagie had been asking Megan out, hitting on her, ‘busting’ moves, and pretty much all other related subjects for the past hour.
“WHY NOT?” Hoagie whined.
“1) You’re Annoying. 2) I’m a 7th Grader. You’re a 5th Grader. (No way could that happen at MY school) And 3) You’re annoying.” Megan said.
Hoagie pouted. “Not fair.”
“Life ain’t fair.” Megan grumbled.
"Hey, I was wondering..." Hoagie began.
"Yes...?" Megan asked.
"Do anda have your emergency 'Wake Kacey Up' Nico pictures Raleigh...
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