1. I named named my cat after him.

2. I had him on my birthday cake for one of my birthdays.

3. I made a Clopin costume and was him for halloween once. (I'd like to go as him again this year.)

4. I have the Clopin plushie,action figure,BK toy and puppet.

5. I have kept the tag that was attached to my puppet and part of the action figure's box simply because they both have Clopin's picture on them.

6. I have a pin of Clopin's adorable,sweet smiling face.

7. I carved Clopin's face in a labu the past fall.

8. I've become interested in masks and harlequin/jester outfits.

9. Whenever someone calls Clopin "ugly","creepy","evil",etc.,my feelings get hurt. I might even start to cry.

10. Sometimes,I put on my HoND atau HoND2 DVD just to watch Clopin's facial expressions in slow motion.

11. I sleep with my Clopin plushie every night,at atau away from home.

12. I daydream about Clopin all the time.

13. I find myself giggling a lot over him no matter what he's saying atau doing.

14. He's the main reason I cinta to play Topsy Turvy games and HoND Animated Storybook.

15. I always play as him when playing "Upsy Daisy" on Topsy Turvy games atau Milton Bradley's HoND Town Square Game.

16. When playing HoND Animated Storybook,I let the Clopin puppet tell me how to play(though I already know how) just because I cinta hearing him talk.

17. I always feel so warm and fuzzy whenever he says atau does something sweet.

18. I have pictures of him on my computer and my cellphone.

19. I used to have some recorded ringtones of him bernyanyi atau talking. (But they were too soft so I had to hapus them. I wish I could find Clopin ringtones that are louder and easier to hear.)

20. I cinta membaca atau looking at any HoND book with him in it.

21. I like making Clopin the bintang of my HoND comics,stories atau videos.

22. I have drawn,colored and painted lots of Clopin related pictures.

23. I cinta the color purple lebih than I had before because it makes me think of him.

24. I want to hear other works oleh Paul Kandel,Clopin's voice artist. (They're kind of hard for me to find.)

25. I consider putting on lebih puppet shows when I have the time.

26. I put pictures of him on my google background on my laptop using tatoodle.

27. I'd be delighted to walk through ankle deep sewage just to be with him,even if he DID mistake me for a spy and try to hang me.

28. I've wished a number of times to meet him in a disney theme park someday. I've even dreamed about it.

29. I made a Clopin calender for 2009 and,of course,I still have it with me.

30. I have a lot of pictures on my dinding including ones of him.

31. The thought of someone growing out of their Clopin obsession can sometimes depress me.

32. I adore his accent and cinta to imitate it.

33. I cinta quoting his lines from the film.

34. It always brightens my hari just to hear his beautiful voice.

35. I tried making a Clopin puppet(It's not as good as the one I ordered on line though.)and have a slapstick to hit him with,too.

36. He's most likely to be on my icon on Fanpop,deviantArt atau LiveJournal.

37. One time,at the hair salon,I skipped in the black cape thing they put on me just as Clopin did in his judge's clothes in the Court of Miracles.

38. Sometimes certain words like "court","hang","puppet" atau "puppeteer" make me think of him. I definitely think of him when I hear the word "topsy-turvy".

39. Sometimes when I laugh,I may have a hint of insanity in my voice. Seems Clopin's craziness can make me feel a little crazy(in a good way,of course).

40. Since becoming a Clopin fan,I've become lebih proud of being a child at heart. To conclude(though this may not have much to do with the article's subject),I think Clopin can teach all of us that it's okay to be a child at jantung no matter what age anda are.

There may be lebih things that prove that I'm a Clopin-o-phile but this is all I shall mention for now.
Thank anda for your time and attention.