In some places on the internet anda can find fan claiming Clopin got married to a girl named "Chantal" in canon. Well, as far as the sequel can even be called canon, 'cause this is where it was supposed to have happened, in a deleted scene.

Now, this deleted scene is berkata to have been on the US version of the movie, but is obviously nowhere on the internet, and either nobody found it to be important enough, atau it simply doesn't exist. When googling, I found no reliable sources on this topic also.

Unless someone can prove that this scene existed, I will believe it is just a fake. And even if it does exist, there's most likely a very good reason why they deleted it when the rest of the movie is crap anyway, and that reason might be that Clopin marrying a girl doesn't work.

"Chantal" is supposed to be the name of the girl he danced with at the beginning of the movie for like 2 seconds. If this is reason enough to marry a character, he could even marry Quasimodo if that guy wasn't already planned to be married to that other girl, anda know. Wouldn't that be a twist? Clopin marrying Quasimodo? I actually think they work better together than with some acak girls appearing out of nowhere, and I'm saying that although totally not into the Clopin/Quasi pairing.

And the movie forced a mate on pretty much everyone anyway. I honestly don't think Clopin would ever favour a acak girl over his mini-me puppet, but his puppet wasn't even in that movie. What the **** were they thinking?
I recommend forgetting about that "Chantal", rather create some Mary Sue self-inserts, I honestly can't decide which is worse.