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dreamfields posted on Apr 21, 2011 at 06:00PM


The red rose has long been a favorite of lovers at Valentines Day. I believe it can also be a powerful symbol of Holy Week.

First are the thorns. This reminds us of the crown of thorns our Lord wore. They also remind us that he was wounded for our iniquities.

Second is the color red. This symbolizes His blood he shed. It is His blood that washes away our sins and makes us clean. It was His blood that redeemed from death.

Thirdly is the stem. The rose draws life from the stem, just as we gain access to eternal life from Christ.

Lastly, the rose is a gift. To give a rose you must separate it from the bush from which it draws life. In the same way a rose can symbolize the way God separated himself from his son, when our sins were place on him. This happened that we would not suffer eternal separation from God, but instead enjoy his presence now and for eternity. Also, as a gift, a rose must be accepted by the receiver. Have we accepted God’s precious rose?

Yes, the red rose does signify the love shown on that day. It testifies to the love and power that raised our Lord on the third day. The same love that will raise us.

So with this rose, I remind you of God’s love for us. Hopefully that love is reflected through me to you.

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