kristen Some pertanyaan about Christianinty (answer must be acceptable and I will convert)

LostKid posted on Apr 19, 2010 at 03:38AM
Ok, there are hundreds, ney thousands of things I would love to ask about you people, but almost 800 of them would be-God/Jeusus did it. So I will only give 5 that could not make any sence if that was the answer.

1-If God creates all things, then how come he didn't make bannanas (they are artaficialy made by people).
2-Why was humans not created first?
3-If God created everything, then how could he have created himself if he wasn't in existance at the time?
4-If heven truly does exist, then how come no spirits and God sitting on clouds?
5-If God had a new testament in which the original that was said to have been writen by God himself, why replace Gods words if in the old testament said that those words where perfect?
 Ok, there are hundreds, ney thousands of things I would cinta to ask about anda people, but almost 800
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu BossofMar said…
Alright, I will answer these questions as best I can right now. :)

1. God created all things, Genesis says that, aye. But that was only all things up to that point. He gave humans the ability to create things themselves. Our intelligence is one of the blessings we have. You see, God did not create toaster ovens, He gave man the ability to do that.

2.Humans were created on the sixth day. They were created after everything else, and to rule over the planet that God had made. We are the top dogs. :) And He had to prepare everything for us.

3. God created all things, and there is a curtain over our understanding of that. It is not beyond His plans for us to question how He came to be. This is one of the main ways God tests our faith. But, God was in existence before Genesis. He always was. And that is right, there is likely no possible way we could know how. xD

4. Heaven does not take place in the earth's sky. Heaven is a place beyond our seeing. You can't get to heaven until you die. O_O Imagine the earth... Now outer space... Now past that...! How far can you go!? xD But there is a story in the Bible about this somewhere. If you get in to the Bible, try and find it. I can't remember where it is right now. >_> But yeah... It isn't up in these clouds.

5. Alright... I think I understand this one. @_@ I don't know that God wrote the old testament. He told men to write it, He gave them what to write down, ya. And the new testament doesn't replace the old testament. They are separate. Actually, a set. You see, the old testament is all the stories leading up to Jesus' birth. It covers everything you need to know about the foundations of the world! They new testament is Jesus' birth and onward. Oh, also, it might be harder to understand at times, but the King James Version of the Holy Bible is the closest to God's original words.

If you have anymore questions, please post them. O_O Or you can write me anytime you want. I will answer the questions to the best of my ability. :)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu DragonsArt said…
Impulsive results-
2.Dinosuar bones are larger than even the tallest human except the vallasiua raptor and the little things (con't remember their names)
3.One can not live without life, wether it be dead or live when murjed
lebih dari setahun yang lalu SongBirdTeam said…
big smile
1. Bananas are artafically made? hun, i didn't know that, but God did make them: he gave the idea of the banana to its creator... are you sure they were atificaly made? who told you? i really want to know.
2. because he needed to make something for humans to walk on first, duh!
3. God has always been.
4. God in the clouds is a stareotype.
5. God wrote the bible through men.

lebih dari setahun yang lalu DragonsArt said…
look in the Atheist club, it should still be the newist video.

2.She was refering to species era's
3.Self imploding twist...again
5.Almost all men on the planet are barbaric sex hounds that would throw a girl away for beer, does that sound like something God would trust?