kristen How do anda debat these topics with ur non-Christian friends???

McDreamyluva posted on Jun 04, 2008 at 07:39AM
Okay I need some ideas and points cuz ppl at my school are just..(grr) They find theories to anything and everything, and they never belive in God because the most common reason is :well you can't see Him, you can't touch Him!! so i need some help.

Debate 1- God doesn't exist because you can't touch Him, can't see Him, He's not a real thing. You can't prove that He's real right now, can you??

Debate 2- Those Christian missionaries are not doing anything for those third-world contries. They want the people who goes to church to give money, and then they took the money and put them into their own pockets. The third-world countries are still poor these days without getting any great helps. (I had a huge debate with my whole class once during English, i got soo frustrated, they kept saying that the church people took the money themselves)

Debate 3- God didn't create the universe, He didn't create humans, animals, trees. They are all formed 'naturally', they just appear through the environment. And earth was formed from the particles in space (or something like that)

Debate 4- Christianity has changed, people now worship a man-made religion, no longer the 'original' christianity. (One of the student in my class says: "He belives in God, but he doesn't know who's The God, but he believes in Him. he doen't believe in Christianity because he thinks Christians now don't worship 'The God'.....i thought- well then doesn't that mean he believes in something he doen't even know? Something that he's not even sure of??)

Debate 5- God is just a imagination, how do you know that He's not??

So these are some of the debates i had with my firends and classmates, and i hope you guys and help me out with this. Just give me some facts, or something that you would say if you're in my situation. Thanks a lot!

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu blisslikethis said…
i'm really the wrong person to answer this, but maybe i can help in a roundabout sort of way.

1 - there's really nothing you can say to this, because they're right. you can't prove God exists. on the other hand, they can't prove he doesn't.. and that's really the only argument you've got.

2 - need a bit more context to respond to this one. what was this debate about, exactly?

3 - here, you could say that even if theories like the Big Bang and evolution are true, it doesn't necessarily exclude God. there is plenty of room for both science and religion in explanations of how the world came to be as it is.

4 - Christianity has changed. big time. i'm not really sure what the rest of what you said was all about, but that i know for certain.

5 - well, you don't know. no matter how sure you might be that God exists, no one can ever be absolutely certain until they're dead and find out one way or another.

this probably really didn't help you, but i thought i'd put my two cents in nonetheless.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Ratdog said…
I'd say to them you're probably right. To me, debates about God and science is like people arguing about their favourite movies. I don't hate my friends because they prefer different things to me. I accept that everyone has their own opinion and I'm not about to lose good friends over something as trivial as religion.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu McDreamyluva said…
hmm....yeah ur probably right Ratdog. I personally don't like to debate with ppl, cuz i know that they hav their own opinions and they prefer differnt things. But then when these topics come up, i just cant control myself talking a lot about it...
lebih dari setahun yang lalu supercalo23 said…
Like the Bible says, we need to teach the truth in love. You can't cram anything down someone's throat because it will push them further away. You can only share the truth with them and pray that God will work in their lives. Like Paul said, we can only plant the seed but it is God who provides the growth.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu keke101 said…
let peapole think what they want in gods eyes everyone is diffrent.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu TVMadnezz said…
The definition of faith is the belief in something that may not exist. i think that you shouldn't take your friends so seriously. believe what u believe, God only cares about whats in your heart.
If they believe that missionaries are doing nothing but taking money, well there isn't much you can do to convince them otherwise.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu mrsblack_1089 said…
Maybe you've solved all of your problems, but I will give you some of my advice.

1) They're right. You CAN'T prove he's real. You have to get that knowledge that he exists from the Bible and believe through Baptism and the Holy Spirit.

2) I'm not sure I understand this one. I don't pay as much attention to missionaries as I should. =) But our Pastor's daughters have been missionaries, so I know a little bit. Giving money in church is a command of God, yes, but there's really nothing they can do about the countries being poor. If the people who are poor choose to give money to church, then they are putting their faith above all else, and that shows real faith in God.

3) That's the Big Bang theory. Once again, they have to read the Bible and believe this themselves. Just keep telling them what you believe, and maybe they'll eventually listen.

4) God never changes his Word. And how does that student know what's in people's hearts? Only God can look into your heart; we can only guess.

5) It's like #1. They have to come to Christianity by themselves. You can help, but their hearts have to do the work, along with the Holy Spirit.

Please, PLEASE hang in there! Just believe in what you know is right. Even if no one listens to you, just pray to God because he understands what you're going through (he was rejected in Nazarath, his home town!!). Your reward will be great in heaven if you don't give up on this. =)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Dragondaisy said…
hmm... i really have no idea! i go to a Christian school... so i didnt experience anything like that
lebih dari setahun yang lalu cromulanfav said…
1. link
I like this article, tell them that you can't see or touch their brain, so it probably doesn't exist
2. Who now speaks without proves? Have they stalked those missionaries? Of course they can't help third world countries when those rich people, who are mostly not Christians, won't give their money. People who wants to help usually don't have money to burn, so they can't give it to the poor.
3. Well someone had to create that particulate, do they have answer to that
4. You aren't Christian just because you're baptised, Christianity is the way you live. So those who don't believe in God aren't Christians
5.Well, if there is no God, then ok, i lived in delusion,but i will die so whatever. The problem is, if there is a God (of course there is) than, if they hadn't lived rightfully, they will have eternal life in damnation and they can't tell that they hadn't chance to learn about Him, since you witnessed about God
lebih dari setahun yang lalu vick2075 said…
Debates generate strifes among common people and certainly so with regard to religion. However informed discussion among logical people would logically be enlightening, since only sound logical arguments would remain after all has been said. There is a prevalent misconception in the whole wide world that there is no absolute truth, an idea based on either personal experience or common conclusions of different communities. However it is in stark contrast to the laws of physics and mathematical rigour. A simple example will demonstrate this: there are 40 pupils in a class. A question has been asked 2 x 6 = ? There is actually an infinite number of answers that could be given by those 40 pupils. - infinity to zero and from zero to +infinity However among the infinite number of answers there is absolutely ONLY ONE that is the CORRECT answer 12. Basically the example's moral is saying that truth is exclusive. All else will be falsehood and truth is one!

From a philosophical perspective we can neither prove God nor disprove it. But the flawed reasoning here is we don't need only philosophy to answer this question. There is a whole plethora of study that could be called upon to bear upon this question but in the end all conclusions must rely on indirect proofs that either prove it or not. This is without saying that the truth seeker should be honest and unbiased!

The fact that you can't touch or feel something is not a necessary explanation for its non-existence. Through mathematics and the laws of physics we know that the universe is very large in spatial extent and that most of it is completely inaccessible to us based on general relativity. We cannot see it or feel or even go there. The universe is expanding and there is a speed limit that of light! Does that mean after the threshold of our accessibility there is nothing there? Of course not! The universe is simply inaccessible from our vantage point.

"Nature" and "Environment" exist because the earth and the universe exist. Big Bang is the event that marks the beginning of the Cosmos, space, time and matter. But contemporary science is not able to fathom the origin or the cause for the Big Bang. Science just don't know what caused the Big Bang! THe Big Bang is the beginning of the Cosmos and the earth. Everything in existence was embedded in the planck energy that was in the naked singularity when the Big Bang occurred. But what caused it is unknown!

Basically there is no science that can be used to explain the cause of Everything in existence. Every philosophy and science and reasoning will only be valid based on our knowledge of things. And this knowledge encompasses only the Big Bang to now.

An honest truthseeker would have to say before the existence of everything we know, there was the UNKNOWN!

Hypothesizing that there is a God, the very definition and implication of it must rely on the supernatural. Are there vestiges of supernatural events around the world to which this can be attributable? The only viable event that still defies any humanly reasonable and scientific explanation is the cause for the Big Bang or in other words the origin of physical existence!