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posted by para-scence
You've been waiting here for me,
though anda don't push me at all.
You know exactly what I need.
But anda won't shove it down my throat.

You've been on my mind all hari long.
I pretend You're not even there,
because I know my thoughts are wrong.
But I'll just keep pretending anyway.

When I finally call out to You
You come and tell me everything's okay.
You take time to make me new
though anda know I'll just push anda away.

I doubt I'll ever learn
This world's too big for me on my own.
Each time I try I just get burned.
But You're the One who will heal my wounds.

Just stop answering my calls
so that I will fall on...
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Blip...blip...blip. That was the only sound that Faith heard. She was really scared, but she knew that God was with her always.

Here's what had happened. The other day, she had been hanging out with Chiwen, when she suddenly collapsed. Chiwen was smart and called the hospital before freaking out. Faith's last thought before she blacked out out was Esther. Esther on the plane. Then she blacked out.

She dreamed. She dreamed that Esther and everyone she loved just fell down around her, each just dropping like flies. Then she woke up. She found herself in the hospital. Numerous tests showed that...
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posted by Andolion
2 Timothy 3:16-17(NIV)
"16All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."

I thought that it would be a good idea to write down passages and verses in the Bible that are good for doing just what 2 Timothy 3:16-17 says.

Acts 4:12
12Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven diberikan to men oleh which we must be saved."(NIV)

Isaiah 52:7
7 How beautiful on the mountains
are the feet of those who bring good news,
who proclaim peace,
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posted by thetacoman
1/ Imagine yourself.
Now imagine anda in your family, and then your family inside of your city.
2/ Again, imagine your city.
Now, imagine your city inside of your state, and your state inside of your country.
Feeling small yet?
3/ Return to imagining your country, and then picture your country on our planet, and our planet in our solar system.
4/ Multiply our solar system oleh a few hundred thousand, and you'll start to understand how big our galaxy is.
5/ Multiply our galaxy by, well, infinity, and anda still can't grasp how big our universe is.
Or how many alternate universes there are, if anda wanna...
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posted by MineTurtle5
Just some Christian pick-up lines that I picked up at a tanggal night at Youth Group a few weeks ago.

1) You're looking for a knight in shining armor? It just so happens that I'm wearing the armor of God!

2) God berkata that anda were made in his image, and boy, was He right!

3) Is this the transfiguration? Because you're glowing!

4) Moses parted the Red sea, but baby, ain't nothing parting us!

5) anda must be a fisher of men, 'coz anda just reeled me in!

6) Now I know why Solomon had 700 wives... Because he never met you.

7) anda float my ark

8) The word says 'Give drink to those who are thirsty, and feed the...
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Hi guys, I would like to write my opinions about these two films as well as a small review about both films about Yesus Christ.

The Passion of the Christ

I first saw this film when my brother borrowed the DVD until I decided to download it, it has a lot of brutality and it was so agonising that I dare continue to watch it! But on the other hand, I guess Mel Gibson wanted realism for this film to which I can't blame him for that.
The one thing that I felt very disturb was the scene when a scarecrow came and stab into one of the thieves' eyes! God, that scene must be incredibly scary and disturbing...
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posted by deedragongirl
 St. Elizabeth of Hungary
St. Elizabeth of Hungary
Hi guys, since tomorrow we are going to celebrate the birth of Yesus Christ, I'm going to write down a daftar of my favourite saints. Ready?

1. St. Elisabeth of Hungary

Born a Hungarian princess, she was betrothed to Grand Duke Louis of Thuringia to secure a political ties with Germany and Hungary. She sympathised the poor outside her kastil, castle and sadly to say, she died at the age of 24 and was canonised a few years later.

2. St. Francis of Assisi

When I first watch bits of Stigmata, I did a little research of it and I found out that it is associated with St. Francis, I was fortunate to see the...
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The unexpected violent storm was frightening enough as it tossed the fragile perahu with the twelve gasping disciples. Then the apparition of a man walking on the water as on solid ground just made things worse. It could only be a spirit-death itself, perhaps, coming to get them...

The reassuring words of Jesus, "It is I, do not be afraid" needed to be verified. Peter thought he could put the Lord to the test. He did not realize that now he was the one being tested. His faith was being tested. And it was soon obvious that he was failing the test. He daring request, "Tell me to come to anda across...
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Faith gasped and then opened her eyes. That was the thing about the cancer. It made anda have difficulty breathing sometimes. She looked around, and saw a very sad Chiwen, and a worried Esther. She smiled when she saw Essie. "Hey Essie," Faith said, her voice barely a whisper. Esther bit her lip and went over to her, kneeling down oleh the bed.
"What's it like?"
"What's what like?"
"Being seriously ill. Is it scary, atau are anda okay with it?"
"A bit of both. I mean, I know where I'm going-" Esther interrupted.
"Heaven?" Faith nodded her head, then continued.
"-but I'm also scared."
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After two weeks in London, Esther berkata goodbye to her cousin. It wasn't really hard, because she just did not like her cousin at all. She was looking meneruskan, ke depan to going back to Australia for one reason. Her name was Faith. She knew faith would be waiting at the airport for her when she returned. She hoped she would like the jeans she had bought. Oh, yeah, and the present she had got for Faith as well. She had picked up a gift for each of them. For Chi-chi, it was a mini Bible. Frankly, she didn't know what else to get her. And for Faith, she got her the all the DVDs from the series The Chronicles...
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There were once three girls who were best friends. They had known each other since they were all 1 hari old. One was named Faith (meaning believing without seeing). Another was named Esther (meaning shining star) and and the other was named Chiwen (meaning persistent). Faith and Chiwen were Christians, and they both wanted to bring Esther to Christ. They tried discussing it with Esther, but each time, Esther berkata she didn't really want to talk about it. Chiwen always tried to keep going, but faith always stopped her.

One day, Esther went overseas, so it was just Faith and Chiwen. They decided...
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posted by Armyofllamas201
Lord, anda have assigned me my portion and my cup; anda have made my lost secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance. - Psalm 16:5-6

Dear Child,
Lots of people think that being a Christian means missing out on the good stuff. They think I'm the father who makes anda ride anda bike to school on your sixteenth birthday when everyone else gets a new car.
That's not Me. I have a wonderful inheritance Read My will and learn that I've promised anda the best slice of life. I've made you, so I know what makes anda happy. I know anda better than anda know yourself.
So hang in there and trust Me. I've got something great for you, and it's not a rusty bicycle, I assure you. I'm the One Who knows how to bless you.

Your Maker,
This does NOT belong to me. I heard it at a church camp. It comes from a book somewhere. May be slightly different.

As fellow believers, what is the best thing we can do for one another? A teacher once asked this to his Bible class. Some of the suggestions were: being a friend to someone, sticking up for the bullied kid and handing out Bible tracts.

But a point was made that anda wouldn't necessarily have to be a Christian to do these things. Then a girl spoke up and suggested praying for someone. They discussed this idea and found that it was the best answer.

Now why is praying the best thing we can do for someone? It is because we are offering them God's help, instead of human help. There is only so much humans can do, but God can do anything. So pray for a friend today!
posted by ShadowFan100
(This is a lil...inspirational/moral speech about what a Human truly is.)

I'm sure there's a lot of people who often wonder what it means to be human--what a human IS exactly. Some might say we're unimportant, not special, not amazing. And even possibly (dare I say) nothing lebih than just a of bunch mutated wild beasts that came from the animal kingdom, who are only capable of destroying themselves beyond any hope of being redeemed of our dark side.

Well, that's not true--and IDC HOW many of your so-called "facts" tell me otherwise, it's all a lie. Human's have both Good and Evil in them, and...
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posted by MineTurtle
Cynthia (otherwise known as Cindy), lay down on her tempat tidur and stared up at the ceiling. Her bestie, Rachel, had invited her to youth group, and Cindy had enjoyed every moment of it. She had heard all about 'accepting Yesus as your Lord and Saviour', and it all sounded a bit cliche.

As she stared up, she saw people moving around on the roof, and she heard voices. She saw a young man, about 30 years of age. He had blood dripping everywhere. He was obviously exhausted, carrying that big log on his back.
She saw the guards march the man towards a hill, and then saw two other men carrying logs on their...
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posted by DramaQueen1020
These are my tampilan and thoughts about being a straight christian, but still supporting gay rights.

I wear a cross. It's a little golden menyeberang, salib with a tiny ruby in the middle, being I'm born in July, and that's my birthstone. It's a girt from my mom, and I might pass it on to the selanjutnya generation when I grow up. It's very special to me. I wear it all the time unless I'm swimming atau bathing. I wear it in performances (I'm an actress-to-be and I play violin at school). Even when I was in a play about the ancient greek gods, I wore it under my robes. My whole family is part italian, so we are mostly...
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posted by melamelia
No one sits with him he doesnt fit in
But we feel like we do when we make fun of him
Coz anda want to belong do anda go along?
Coz his pain is the price paid for anda to belong

Its not like anda hate him atau want him to die
But maybe he goes halaman awal and thinks suicide
atau he comes back to school with a gun at his side
Only kindness from anda might have saved his life

No one talks to her she feels so alone
shes in too much pain to survive on her own
the hurt she cant handle overflows to a knife
she writes on her arm wants to give up her life

each hari she goes is a hari that she is brave
fighting the lie that giving up is the way
each moment of courage her own life she saves
when she throws the pills out a hero is made
posted by para-scence
A poem that I found that I had written a few months ago

Why is it
the person I need most,
says He's there for me,
but yet He's so so far away?

Why is it
someone so mighty,
so powerful and huge,
has a voice that's impossible to hear?

Why is it
that when I give Him my sorrow,
and He takes it with no question,
more comes and quickly takes its place?

Why is it
that I'm supposed to follow His command,
and do what He says,
but He won't give me directions?

Why is it
that I should believe a practical stranger loves me
when those who know me best
say that lie to my face?

Why is it
no matter how hard I fight
to stay in the...
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It's kind of how my hari went. I was on facebook and I found an artikel about some teenage exorcist girls who travel the world. I found it facinating and I thought to my self that I really apreciate what they do even though I don't know much about the subject. In the end of the article, one of the girls berkata that she doesn't watch TV and that she thinks film like Twilight and Harry Potter are evil atau something like that. I really cinta HP and film in general and I can recognize what's fiction and movie effects and what's real and evil, but still this brought weird thoughts to me. Like, I...
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posted by SarahCorine
It started with “why?”. I thought it was the only pertanyaan I needed an answer to, but every pertanyaan led me to another one. Why does he do the things He does? Why did His Son have to die? Why does He cinta us, if we don’t deserve it? I had so many pertanyaan and I learned so much. I felt obligated to get baptized so I got baptized at this church on October 25,2009, but I didn’t feel 100% ready. After that day, however I started to feel lebih and lebih ready. I wanted my faith to be as strong as I could make it until I got re-baptized. I wanted to get baptized with a ready heart, not an...
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