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This pahlawan film animasi masa kecil fan art might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

Ok, I felt the need to update my list, because I wrote my last artikel on the topic about a tahun ago. So enjoy my current daftar :)

20. SNOW WHITE (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) /previous position: 15/

For the last couple of bulan I grew to cinta Snow White. She's so adorable and cute. I cinta her always positive attitude. And she's also so sweet! It's a bit of a problem for me that she's quite naive, but still this doesn't bother me that much! She's a perfect, little princess!

19. TIANA (The Princess and the Frog) /previous position: 14/

Tiana is a character that I firmly believe need...
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 If only he were female... Wait, what? No, that'd be weird. I never berkata that! >:I
If only he were female... Wait, what? No, that'd be weird. I never said that! >:I
Now this was a bloody hard decision, but I finally got off my arse and kicked and screamed until these lot finally fell into some sort of order.
Just because a heroine isn't on this daftar doesn't mean I don't cinta her. I mean, heck, I am restricting myself to 10! This daftar will be incredibly biased, bitchy and piss-taking. But anda guys enjoy that, so don't be hypocritical and moan...
Jesus fucking Christ, this advert is pissing me off. GO AWAY. NO, I WON'T PLAY POKER WITH YOU. STOP BECKONING SUGGESTIVELY. It's lebih the way the animasi keeps jolting back to the beginning like some shitty animatronic...
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 I guess he's not a fan of ballets atau 1980's animes.
I guess he's not a fan of ballets or 1980's animes.
Ever since Doug Walker did his review of The angsa, swan Princess, I've noticed lebih and lebih people around the internet accuse this movie of being "Disney-lite," "a disney knock-off," etc.

Problem is, the reasons they give are either something that almost EVERY animated movie has done since Snow White (singing, princesses, animal companions, etc) atau it was already in the original fairy tale-inspired ballet written and composed oleh Tchaikovsky decades before disney ever got into animation.

Quick Backstory: The angsa, swan Princess is based on the ballet link, again, written and composed oleh Tchaikovsky. And...
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Okay I know I wrote an artikel about this on the disney Princess Club, but it was awhile yang lalu so I decided to especially write this artikel for those of anda who are new and don't know me well, but if anda do anda can skip to the pertanyaan that are created for this club.

My username is sweetie-94, I wanted a special username since this was the first site where I had to come up with a username that wasn't related to my real name.

My real name is Teresa which I read doesn't really have a true meaning, but according to that site it can mean huntress in latin.

I'm 18 years old, but I'll turn 19 September...
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Here it finally is, my "Getting to know you" artikel :D

First some "basic" informations about me..

My username here is Safira-09, but feel free to call me Summer!
I´m 25 years old, but don´t look my age..more like 18... Since easter 2011 im a vegetarian, an odd hari to choose that lifestyle, i know XD
I´m studying perpustakaan and Information Management in Germany, Hamburg.
Most of my hobbies include at least some kind of creativity, like making plushes, dolls, charms out of clay and fabric..
But i´m also a gamer-girl, who loves almost every kind of game she can get her hands on.

I´m very passionate...
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