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A beautiful song sung oleh Lea Michele (voice of Dorothy)
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legends of oz
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anda can all watch the underrated and not very well known movie based off the classic story of The Princess and The kacang
the princess and the kacang
I've been planning to do this for a long while and my daftar kept changing so here it is. Since I created my puncak, atas 20 favorit disney animated film I thought it was only fair to do the same with Non-Disney animated movies. Keep in mind this is just my opinion and please comment, enjoy.

20.The Secret of Nimh

This is pretty ironic because I use to think this movie was HIGHLY overrated and was just okay but now I cinta it. It's a really interesting story. The animasi is really beautiful, it's not as good as The Little Mermaid but hey we're not comparing apples and oranges. The heroine of the...
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Much like my baru saja Pocahontas vs anastasia article, I'm continuing my film vs film artikel with Sleeping Beaty vs The angsa, swan Princess. A little background is that both film are based off plays oleh Tchaikovsky, Sleeping Beauty and angsa, swan Lake. Although Sleeping Beauty is also based-off the original fairy-tale oleh Charles Perrault and a little bit off the story of Briar Rose oleh the Brothers Grim. Unfortunately, for both the Charles Perrault Sleeping Beauty and the original play of angsa, swan Lake, it ends in tragedy. Sleeping Beauty didn't wake up from her deep sleep from true love's kiss, it was...
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I have a weird daftar and some of anda probably don't know most of these couples.

Other couples I love:
Milo & Kida (Atlantis: The lost Empire)
Tulio & Chel (Road to El Dorado)
Thumbelina & Cornelius (Thumbelina)
Bambi & Faline (Bambi)
Lady & Tramp (Lady & the Tramp)
Calhoun & Felix (Wreck-it Ralph)
Bernard & Bianca (The Rescuers)
Woody & Bo Peep (Toy Story)
Matthias & Cornflower (Redwall)
Mai & Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Haku & Chihiro (Spririted Away)
Gambit & Rogue (X-MEN)

10. Black Cat & Spider-Man (Spider-Man: The animated series)

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 Magic Mirror on the wall, what are my favorit and least favorit animated film of them all?
Magic Mirror on the wall, what are my favorite and least favorite animated movies of them all?
This is like the third atau so time that I've made an artikel about what I consider to be the WORST animated film of ALL TIME, but this is the first time I've done it about my favorit animated movies. I've been meaning to make one about my favorit animated film for a while now and I've FINALLY gotten around to it! So I thought I'd combine both lists into one artikel in order to kill two birds with one stone. Plus I think it's kind of fun to start out with negativity and end it on positivity. Keep in mind that this is just my personal opinion, so don't be rude. Please komentar telling me...
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