I decided to create this list, because I really can never rank my favorit film into daftar because I'm constantly rewatching them and falling in cinta with them, then putting them as number one, only for them to play musical chairs with my other favorit for what seems like an eternity. So instead of doing an order I'm just going to tell anda about my five atau so favorit animasi pieces of all time (in no particular order).

The Road to el Dorado:

Honestly ever since I was a kid this movie has alway peeked my interest, whether it was initially from the bright warna atau the killer Elton John compositions this movie has always had a special place in my heart. I remember when I was in elementary school I would sing the soundtrack the way other kids would sing The Little Mermaid atau Lion King, the soundtrack isn't nearly as critically acclaimed as the others, but it deserves to be in my book. Another reason I think this movie was so alluring to me is that the animasi is absolutely gorgeous, the vibrant warna an art style might've actually been the pushing point of my drawing career (besides disney documentaries of course). I remember imitating the jokes in comics of my own and trying to come up with similar adventure plots to mimic it. Speaking of which the plot is both very basic, but also very adult, I remember my parents hearing a curse word in it and threatening to take it back to the store, it kind of maintains this happy balance of complexity and simplicity, so children can still enjoy it with full understanding, but adults can have their own attributes to admire about it too (besides the cursing). But to make a long story short, it's always been an inspiration to me and continues to be to this day, especially with lebih people finding out about it and appreciating it as I have. Critics just did not do this movie justice.

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas:

I really have always loved epic adventures about quests to far off places to do something grand. And this is one of the greatest portrayals of that I have ever seen. I don't know about anyone else, but I grew up watching things like Wishbone on PBS that really did a great job of breaking down literary classics for kids, I remember picturing something like this in my head when they went over it and it really caught my interest when I saw it in stores while rummaging through the discount movie bin in Walmart, after seeing the movie I was just even lebih inspired to read the greek legends and Arabian tales (though reasonably at a later age). Unlike The Road to El Dorado this movie, while having some pretty shots and imaginative portrayals, didn't really have that nice of animation, even when I was small I could tell the CGI was really bad, it just just didn't really bother me because the story was just so epic. It really just brings halaman awal the Legend of the Seven Seas, it's like straight out of the mythos just with characters to lebih compensate a modern audience, and it does so really well, with the exception of Brad Pitt's voice akting of course. But I mean I have very few complaints about it, I can acknowledge it's flaws and such, but at the end of the hari it still has very strong pacing quality that really can't be matched in today's animated movies. Clearly baru saja animasi beats this movie's animasi oleh far, but being 2D and still taking on CGI is really inventive. I also I think the exception to the "just good" animasi is Eris she has the most fluid and insane movements I've ever seen in animation. This movie is criminally underrated and the thought of this movie having that retched score on RT brings me to tears.


A fairly new movie produced oleh one of the biggest animasi companies in the world if not the biggest. Of course it was a hit among audiences everywhere and even myself, being a die-hard fan of traditional 2D animation, could help falling in cinta with it. Being Polynesian myself I really had no choice in the matter, it was everywhere and my family couldn't stop talking about especially with them knowing what a Disnerd I am. When I first saw it in theaters I was taken aback at how big they made this story seem, using the sumber myths while also having a compelling story that fit their narrative as Disney.™ Straight off the bat I loved the songs and story arch even if I was fairly unimpressed with the character, much like Sinbad it was its plot that kept me invested, though in Moana the animasi is pretty amazing itself. I liked it so much that my mom got the blu-ray for me on a whim just because she knew I'd geek out over the bonus features, which I did. This movie not only properly conveys a culture, but really doesn't focus on it as a diversity piece, but instead and epic tale from an exotic land (which I love). The documentary of the making of Moana was also exceptional that really moved me and my mom, even though it wasn't the focus it was added onto the movie which I can just sincerely appreciate. I will admit the one thing I do not like about this movie is its need to go into that Tappa Cloth / Paper animasi for the scenes like You're Welcomes, and in the beginning story, it's just not a style I can condone in 3D. I still artistic shifts in animasi can be great, but not in this film. That would really be my only complaint about the movie (that and some of Moana's really weird grunting). I really think in can be an epic disney classic hopefully to be enjoyed oleh many future generations.

Bilal: A New Breed of Hero:

A fairly unknown film, probably way lebih unknown than even some of disney and Dreamwork's flops, even indie film hipsters don't even know about this one, let alone would have it as one of their favorites. Good thing I'm a mega-hipster that prides herself on finding good triumphant films about ethnic people. Anyway, when I first saw the trailer for this I thought "pretty decent looking for an indie film" so I watched it out of boredom online. The animasi was a little hard to get through at times, but honestly it can stand against early disney CGI any day. Once again it's the story that I find most compelling, it's about a free man who ends up being a slave in Egypt / Upper Middle East, he's on a journey to reconquer heroism after years of being belittled and finally reflecting on what his mother had always told him. It reminds me a lot of Prince of Egypt, but the story itself is closer to Joseph: King of Dreams, it isn't necessarily biblically related, but it does mention religion and what good is a belief if it does no good to others. I cinta it, not really for the "epic," but instead for the life-story and a legendary sort of vibe. It just always manages to entertain me, and I think if should get the chance to entertain lebih people.

Prince of Egypt:

This is an honest to god masterpiece. I was raised Christian so this was one of the first film in generally that I had ever seen, my mom liked it for the biblical teachings and my dad could appreciate it for the art, as a child it scared me and was actually among one of my least favorites, considering all the death and slavery and such, and through my middle school days I hated it even lebih since I was going through my rebellious "all religion is a cult" phase I just saw it as lebih beautiful art going to waste on religion like the renaissance paintings. As I grew up and realize I didn't completely hate religion and actually kind of liked it for all of the awesome stories and myths that stem from it, I grew a great adoration for this movie, especially for its soundtrack that I cannot live without. secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan the characters are all compelling, I actually can't think of a single character I dislike atau think was done poorly, the animasi is stunning, it takes my breath away whether on VHS atau Blu-ray, and the soundtrack is heavenly. And the story is the legendary story of Moses, so of course that part is great, especially with the dialogue written for it. This had to have been the biggest Oscar snub in history.