It's been a long time since I did an article, but my cinta for animated film has recently resurfaced, and along with it my cinta for the amazingly animated female role models. Even though this is the Childhood Animated Movie Heroines Club, I have one animated heroine on this daftar that's from a TV series (I hope that's okay). But these are my favorit and most beloved animated female characters of all time.

10. marina - Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

marina is such an underrated character. She's not the atypical princess of the story that tag along to an adventure she has no business being on, she actually represents a placement of power and respect. I absolutely cinta how she saves the sailors from the sirens, and how she speaks and conducts her conversations. She's the perfect feminist heroine, without being over-the-top atau over-stepping the realm of realism. marina is a true heroine, she's actually heroic and dutiful, without being dull and stoic. She's so classy and elegant even when she is being strong, independent, and powerful. She's definitely the ultimate modern woman with still traditional values and strengths, but still a modernized way of thinking. marina is the role model of the century in my eyes and I just can't believe she's not talked about nearly as much as she deserves to be.

9. Megara - Hercules

Megara is one of the most entertaining characters to watch on this list, atau really just in general. I cinta her not so much for her character attributes as much as I cinta her for the intrigue she brings. I think I cinta her just because she's a phenomenally done character, despite her personality not really being what I look for and cinta in a character. Her backstory is one of my favorit and I cinta how it's what forms her decisions, actions, and the way she behaves, but they don't beat it over your head with just how much she's 'damaged' oleh her past. She's absolutely how I would be if I, somehow, was someone's servant for seemly an eternity. Just being snarky at the situation rather than indebted and petrified.

I really just lover her and Herc's romance and how she breaks out of her barriers because of him, and how naturally, of course, she is hesitant and confused as to what feels right in her jantung and her head, but ultimately is selfless and would do anything for the person she loves. Even though she's been hurt before oleh love, she's not afraid to be hurt again despite all of her years of convincing herself that cinta is pointless and that it's not worth it. I just relate to how she puts up this dinding up because she believes she's too caring, but realizes it doesn't matter and that she's found the right guy who she should put her neck out there for. And no matter the walls she does put up, trying to logically say she shouldn't be in love, she still can't help her heart. I just cinta that she's a snarky, sarcastic hopeless romantic. It's so refreshing and cute to see someone who has this can't be tamed exterior, but is really a softy that doesn't want to be hurt of the inside.

8. Fuu - Samurai Champloo

Fuu is from the anime Samurai Champloo, which gives me just way lebih material to base an opinion off of. Fuu is one of my favorit because, she's not a traditional main character, she has little to no talents atau skills, and has little to no grander purpose in life (relatable, right). I really just cinta how this little ditsy girl just keeps on trying to make things go her way. She often has to be saved, she often makes things worse, but even so she cares about what she's doing, and the people around her, even if they don't really care about her. I admire her virtue lebih than anything else, if she can't sit down and think her way out (which she's pretty good at), she'll force herself out kicking and screaming, and probably knocking something over.

Fuu is confident, resourceful, crazy, and she cares a bunch about others, which is really all I cinta about a person, atau character. Her weaknesses are weakness, and while her weaknesses aren't my favorit they make her even lebih relatable, she's quirky, clumsy, and quick-tempered, and whilst I really don't like those attributes it just makes me see lebih of myself in her. I cinta Fuu and all her extra (and believe me, it is extra).

7. Sacha - Long Way North

I actually initially got Sacha's movie on a whim, I was at best buy and I just saw it sitting there as one of only foreign films left of the shelf. Boy am I glad I bought it. It's such an amazing film and Sacha at the center is an amazing character. It's a very minimalist movie, that has meaningful dialogue, though not much. Sacha's lines, have to be some of my favorit lines in all cinematic history. All of her lines are assured, hopeful, and determined, there's not one that gives her a pessimistic outlook on the world even though she feels weak and helpless so often. Sacha is introverted, which usually doesn't attract me to a character, but she's an extremely meneruskan, ke depan introvert.

I used to think that all introverts needed people around them to push them, atau else they really wouldn't do anything exciting (I kind of looked down on introverts), but Sacha I think is the perfect example of someone who is smart, quiet, and reserved, but is determined to put herself out there if it's something she believes in. She's not outspoken atau particularly confident, but she still refuses to be anybody's doormat. I never really thought I'd like a character like this, but absolutely cinta her. She's a silent adventurer, introverted yet, will confront anyone with what she thinks is right. She strives for her goal unmoved oleh any problems, and pushes herself to be better than what she is despite it being hard for her to do.

6. Moana - Moana

Moan has been one of my favorit characters in a while to come out of any animated company, let alone Disney. Moana has really been a breath of fresh air from the baru saja bubbly, extra, energy-wad heroines we've been getting a lot. Moana is still young and energetic without being annoying, and having confident and insecure moments without being leaning one way atau the other personality-wise. One thing that immediately drew me to Moana was that she has a passion that she wants to experience lebih than anything, but is willing to give that up for her people, and only looks towards her passion we she knows that it's also what's best for her people, not just her. She gives up her freedom, if that's the right thing to do, and she just as easily breaks the rules, if it's the right thing to do.

Her moral compass is her ultimate guide and she never strays from what's right. She's confident and she can be pushed to her limit, but always regains her confidence and cool, and thinks about the right thing to do, and goes in with a plan. Moana is absolutely wonderful and I can't even begin to how much I cinta her an everything she stands for. She's sweet, kind, resourceful, with a strong sense of what's right atau wrong, and is selfless in her journey of doing what she thinks is right. She's an island breeze in every sense of the phrase.

5. mulan - Mulan

mulan is so extremely populer and it's lovely to know she is, mulan is one of those classic characters that is a symbol of strength, virtue, and determination. But one of the attributes she's most overlooked for, I think is her selflessness. She is resourceful, but ultimately lazy, and doesn't meet the standards she's held to, but even in all that she care about the people who cinta her, lebih so than the image she represents. She will conform for her family if that's what will make them happy, but upon realization that she can't make them happy, she puts meneruskan, ke depan their well-being first.

She flings herself into the army, and overcomes adversity so her father will be safe, and so she can proves she can be worth something, so she can be something her family can be proud of, and so even if she can't she can save her father. She trains herself out of her flaws and through determination, morality, and courage, she overcomes her flaws, and makes her family proud in her own way rather than in societies way. She's always been my favorit disney princess ever since I was a child, and I will always cinta her. Upon getting older and analyzing her further, her flaws stick out more, but I could never get rid of my bias to her, she's an amazing character.

4. Jimena - La Legende du Cid

This character has very, I'll say, limited screen time, not to mention her movie is in Spanish. But still her grace, confidence, and kindness still shines through. She's one of my favorites, because at first glance she does seem like the classic damsel, but even though she is saved at times, she's still a diplomat, and smart and cunning diplomat that doesn't back down when something wrong is being done. She's definitely lebih classy and graceful than the others in my puncak, atas 10, but somehow, I don't mind how dainty and feminine she is, because she really is just being herself, she's naturally motherly, she isn't a good fighter, she's a noble woman, and she doesn't need a sword and an assertive personality to be a boss, to be a heroine.

She's confident, she's faithful, she endures everything that's thrown at her with a straight face, grace, wits and kindness. She's good at what she does, she's doesn't have traditional flaws, and excels at what she thinks is important and cares deeply about her lover and her people. Her time is limited, but her virtues are some of the most lovely to see portrayed on screen.

3. Alice - Alice in Wonderland

I've always been a bit of a weird kid and Alice has always been relatable to me. She's relatable in that, she doesn't make any sense herself, but she looks for the sense in a senseless world. I've always been like that, I'm weird and little loony, but will judge others when their logic doesn't make sense, atau if they're akting wierd as well. I think I'm so smart and think things through, and while that might be true, I think make my fair share of dumb decisions and quick-tempered actions. The best example of this is when Alice is talking with the caterpillar, she gets frustrated with how the ulat is talking in circles and not making any sense, yet she did the same thing to her sister earlier.

I also like how Alice tries to pretend like things don't bother her and how she tries to make sense out of a situation that really doesn't need to be analyzed. And of course I like how she's curious and how that gets her into trouble (as it often does for me). Alice is a young heroine, but still one of my favorites, she's bold, she thinks too much, and she's a little bit weird.

2. Chel - The Road to El Dorado

Chel is just a remarkable character. I don't relate to her at all, but she's the kind of like, where I want to wife her. She's everything I wish I was, even if it's not the traits I necessarily admire. Chel and I have a kind of forbidden cinta thing going on. Chel definitely isn't this high for her morals, her kindness, atau her grace, but she's just such a strong personality I can't help but be drawn to her. She knows what she wants, she goes and gets it, and she's sassy and witty.

Her lines are also some of my favorites, all of them have a flare to them that maker her seem sarcastic and sassy. I cinta her confidence (something that I think all of my favorit have), I cinta how she's cunning and clever, not necessarily a detailed planner. She's jalan, street smart, and I cinta how perceptive she is. Chel isn't going to give up for anything atau anybody, and enjoys getting what she wants in the most convenient way. She wanted much lebih than her provincial life, but actually did something about it.

She does have that Megara vibe, where she seems disinterested in everything around her and kind of looks on everything sarcastically like everyone around her worries too much. Chel is wife material, sassy, clever, and smooth, just really slick like a classic bad girl. Once again I don't cinta Chel for virtue, I just cinta her to cinta her, she's such best friend material and I cinta her kind of crazy sense of adventure.

1. Esmeralda - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

It's the gypsy Esmeralda! Now Esmeralda is my perfect character. She is brave, confident, kind-hearted, passionate, intelligent, cunning and has a strong sense of justice. Esmeralda is the role-model I want my kids to look up to and strive to be like. She doesn't judge anyone oleh their cover and sees everyone as an equal person. In her song God Help the Outcast her virtues really shine through. She doesn't care about herself, she cares about all people who are unfortunate. She wants all people to be treated fairly, and will speak out what's right with confidence.

Esmeralda says "You mistreat this poor boy the same way anda mistreat my people. anda speak of justice yet anda are cruel to those most in need of your help!" "Silence!" "Justice!" That quote is one of my favorites. If it wasn't apparent already, I have a strong sense of justice and equality and when I was young and I saw Esmeralda doing the same, it just motivated me so much lebih to go into criminal justice and law, she's kind of my inspiration.

I also cinta that she can actually back up herself, and doesn't take anyone's crap, even though fighting back isn't her first response. Esmeralda cares about others above all, she helps those in need whenever she can, and she never caves atau conforms to something she knows is wrong, she speaks with clarity and assurance and she's quick to pick up on the things around her. Esmeralda is my queen, outspoken and she's what I strive to be like. The gypsy Esmeralda, the ultimate heroine!