Ok, so I already did a getting to know me artikel on the disney Princess spot a couple months ago, but it doesn't really say that much about me, and the way of menulis these on this fan page is absolutely awesome. So let's get started!

My name is Darby-Adele. My friends call me Darby, at least they would if I had any friends. I'm 13 years old, and my birthday is on March 29. I live in the USA, in Phoenix, Arizona to be exact. I cinta English and History, and they're the only two classes I genuinely enjoy at school. My hobbies include baking, drawing, acting, reading, writing, swimming, biking, and coming here on Fanpop. When I'm older, I either want to be a Disney/Pixar animator, an author, atau an actress. Even though I'm not a musician and definitely not a singer, I cinta music. My favorit singers/bands are Imagine Dragons, Miley Cyrus, Pentatonix, Katy Perry, and marina and the Diamonds. I cinta animation, and I have since I was a little kid.

pertanyaan time!! :D

1. Who was your favorit animated heroine as a child?

I always loved Fiona, from the shrek franchise. I loved how strong and pretty she was, and how she was different from other animated heroines, mainly because she attacked the bad guys with her awesome martial art skills, and became a hideous beast instead of the other way around.

2. Who is your favorit animated heroine now?
No doubt about it, Anna, from Frozen. I cinta her sweetness, clumsiness, loyalty, optimism, and obsession with true love, which are all qualities that I possess. I also cinta how she never gives up on her sister and sacrifices herself for Elsa, even though she didn't know Elsa loved her.

3. Which heroine has influenced anda the most?
Probably Merida, from Brave. I cinta how she doesn't need a man and goes against the typical arranged marriage typical for that time period, and how she owns up to her mistakes and accepting that it was her fault, which is a very admirable quality.

4. Which heroine is your look-alike?
Well, I don't look like a certain heroine, but I have bits and peices from three heroines: Zarina, Merida, and Anna. I have Zarina's hair style and texture(really poofy and 80's style), skin colour, and nose, Merida's body shape and smile, and Anna's eyes and hair color.

5. Which heroine is your spirit animal?
If this is who is most like you, probably Ariel from the Little Mermaid. We both are headstrong, curious about things we like, easily excited over little things, and boy-crazy! :D

6. What type of heroine is your favorite?
Hmm... Interesting question. I like girly-girl princesses, and elegant princesses. I like them to be playful, but mature at times that are needed, I guess. And clumsy, clumsiness is a fun trait.

7. Who are the heroines anda wished anda looked like?
Esmeralda and Odette! I know, they look very different, but both are absolutely gorgeous. I cinta Esme's eyes and smile, and cinta Odette's hair. They're both gorgeous, and I just want to look like them, okay? D:

8. Which heroines do anda wish anda were lebih like?
I wish I was lebih like Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty. Before anda all start gasping and screaming, let me explain. I wish I was lebih like her because she has all the great qualities that I don't possess. She is goodhearted, able to put duty before her own desires, and forest binatang cinta her. She's elegant, and gracious, and probably looks great after all that sleep.

9. What is your favorit heroine outfit/dress?
How dare anda make me choose! D: Well, I guess Anastasia's dream/ Once Upon a December dress. It's so sparkly, and bright, I cinta the colours, and imo, it's just absolute perfection.

10. Which kind of heroine do anda wish existed?
This is like, nationality/ country, right? Because if so, I'd like to see an Italian atau Swedish heroine. I cinta Italian and Swedish accents, and the fairytales that they have are very interesting. Just look up Italian atau Swedish fairytales, they're quite good. Also, I'd like the character to be a queen, like Elinor, just not married. That'd be interesting.

So, hope anda enjoyed my article, and until selanjutnya time, goodbye!
- Darby