I asked people that voted to rank their favorit heroine outfits, and they komentar with their ranks. A total of 24 users took part. The ranks here are an average of the ranks of everyone that commented. The scoring of the ranks was done oleh a total point score (combined points to each character from the lists of all of the people that participated)! For example, if somebody had Robin kap, hood as #1 on their list, then it gets 10 points. If another person has him as #2, he gets 9 points and so on. If Robin kap, hood is not in ranked in the puncak, atas 10 on somebody's list, he gets no points.

So here are the 10 favorit animated males as voted oleh the public!


Since there's something wrong with Fanpop, I decided to make my artikel mainly with images, For information about the number of points of each of the songs, see my komentar at the bottom...

A special mention for places 15-11. All of these guys missed the puncak, atas 10 oleh only a few points!