Hi! I know that LibelluleBleu will be menulis an artikel about Fanpop's puncak, atas fifteen so before she writes that I decided I would write mine (although mine will have sixteen). komentar are always welcome, but please me sure to be considerate and mature when menulis them. Lets begin!

All most made the list:
Snow White
I really like her hair. This is her best picture!

First of all, I want to make it clear that I am not referring to the disney Snow White character. The Snow White character I chose is from the movie Happily Ever After and it is the unofficial continuation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I personally have never found the disney Snow White pretty she's just cute, while this Snow White is much prettier. Raven hair, azure eyes, and much better body (actually has a figure and breasts). Her personality is better as well. I don't like princesses that don't do anything and the disney Snow White character basically cleaned and slept. This Snow White actually confronts danger and beats the bad guy.
*If anda haven't seen Happily Ever After do yourself a favor and watch it. I find it much better than Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Here's a link: link

puncak, atas Fifteen:
15. anastasia
I think she is breathtaking in this picture!

She is indeed a great beauty, but I think that her face is a little too angular and so that brings her down. However, she has a better figure than Snow White which what brings her up. anastasia is spunky and a girl just trying to find out who she is. And that is something everyone can relate too (expect for the evil wizard and royal family). anastasia has great eyes the color is a short of turquoise which works nicely with her auburn hair.

14. Camille
Isn't she a cutey! I cinta her crown.

Camille to me looks like she could be related to anastasia like a younger cousin atau little sister. What puts Camille higher is her face she has a very youthful face so anda can't help, but think she's adorable. And unlike anastasia her face and features aren't as masculine. Camille can be a bit of a snob and likes to tease the main protaginist named Nemo. Although when it comes down to it she is incredibly kind and is just searching for someone her age to bond with.
*Name of the movie is Little Nemo. Watch it! But be warned that it can be a little confusing. Once anda watch you'll know what I mean. Here's a link: link

13. Kida
I cinta this part. Probably my favorit part of the movie.

She is such an exotic beauty. And it really is such pity that she doesn't get enough recognition. She is pretty. I cinta her tan skin, white hair, and blue eyes. She has very unique looks and a nice figure too. Like her, her movie doesn't get enough attention its actually one of my favorites. Easily in the puncak, atas ten. Kida is such a fun character and I cinta how she can speak any language. Milo and her are made for each other and are so cute together.

12. Thumbelina
So pretty!

Thumbelina the adorable girl no bigger than your thumb. Well Thumbelina may be small, but her beauty and personality totally make up for it. Thumbelina has such a bubbly personality and her appearance is so pretty with jeruk, orange hair and sky blue eyes. I cinta her bernyanyi voice! Its the same as Ariel's. If anda haven't heard her sing. Here's a clip (The song is called Soon):link

11. Rapunzel
As pretty as a bunga

Rapunzel! Oh do I cinta her. She is just such a great character. I cinta her long blonde hair and green eyes. She's cute too with short brown hair. She has such an innocent beauty. I like her clothes and the Healing Incantation is one of my favorit songs ever.

10. Elsa
The Snow queen

One of the newest disney princesses. Unlike her sister, Anna, I find Elsa beautiful! I like her platinum blonde hair, pale complexion, and ice blue eyes. Elsa's blue Snow queen Dress is also my favorit outfit out of all the disney princesses. Frozen was such a cute movie, but I wish they told us lebih about why Elsa has the curse to begin with.

9. marina
Mermaid Princess

I cinta her! She comes from an anime version of The Little Mermaid. I used to watch the movie all the time when I was younger and each time it made me cry. The movie is old and even though it came out about twenty years before I was born I still cinta it and marina is still one of the prettiest cartoon characters ever. She is blonde (I know lots of blondes, but in kartun most princesses are blonde)and has blue eyes (again another common repeat, but she rocks the look plus I cinta the color blue). marina is loving she cares for her family and like Ariel she is torn between the man she loves and being separated from her family. In addition, marina is loyal because she will not betray the ones she loves atau her own morals. She stands up for what's right even if it will cause herself to suffer and so I applaud her for being so self-sacrificing.

8. Eilonwy
Cutest little blonde girl!

Honestly this girl doesn't get enough attention. She is so cute and as many say she looks like the little sister of Aurora, but as anda will see from my daftar I find her much prettier then Aurora. Another reason why I cinta Eilonwy is because I read the book series that she comes from and she is my favorit character. She is from the movie The Black Cauldron and from The Chronicles of Prydain book series oleh Lloyd Alexander (*definitely look it up). Eilonwy is unique because she's so young and she practices sorcery oleh controlling a item called a babble. Eilonwy is very sweet, but knows when to stand up for herself which is a great quality.

7. Odette
angsa, angsa, swan Princess

She is my prettiest blonde! Odette is so beautiful! Her bouncy blonde hair and purple eyes make her irresistible. I like her personality as well. She wanted Derek to cinta for who she is and not for her beauty which I find very understandable and admirable.

6. Giselle
Giselle oleh rebenke

When I saw the trailer for enchanted the first thing that came to my mind was how gorgeous Giselle was. Seriously she is so amazing. She has reddish jeruk, orange hair and nice blue eyes. I think she is the best dressed disney character. Her berwarna merah muda, merah muda dress is just so pretty. Its my favorit and it makes her look stunning. I wish she was apart of the lineup. Its a sad that she's not because disney didn't want to pay Amy Adams lebih money since Giselle is drawn after Amy Adam's appearance.

5. Belle
I cinta this gaun and her hairdo!

Belle the smart beauty who changed the jantung of a beast. How could anda not cinta her? She is great and is the only disney Princess with brown hair and eyes. She has the whole package beauty, brains, and body. Like Odette though beauty doesn't matter to Belle. Belle isn't shallow and promotes free thinking for woman so she definitely get's my vote.

4. melati
Arabian Beauty

melati is such an exotic beauty I cinta her eyes, dark hair, and her brown skin. She falls for a "street rat" which shows how she doesn't judge people on their status, but oleh their actions. She is fun-loving, smart, and wants people to be completely honest with her. Some think she is a little too moody, but I like how she takes honesty seriously and she is also very forgiving. Furthermore she has a great bernyanyi voice and the aladdin trilogy is one of the few Disneys sequels that I enjoy watching.

3. Esmerela
Seductive Gypsy

She is so stunning. I cinta her raven curly hair, zamrud, emerald eyes, and tan skin. I also how she has a lebih realistic figure. She is also fun, spunky, and sweet. I'm a little sad she didn't get with Quasimodo, but its okay because got with Madeline.

2. Ariel
I cinta this dress! She's stunning!

I absolutely adore Ariel! She sacrifices so much and takes her dreams very seriously. She’s a great friend and is funny and exciting. Not to mention beautiful. She has api red hair, sapphire eyes, and a killer body! Ariel has always been my favorit and The Little Mermaid is in my opinion the best disney princess film. In addition, I was named after her so anda really can’t really blame me for liking her so much. Although some think that she is a bit of a brat, but I disagree. I know that she was disobedient and not exactly the ideal daughter, but she knew what was right for her and she went for it. There’s a saying that parents aren’t always right and Ariel is an example of this. Lastly, at the end of the film Ariel proves her sweetness oleh saying “I cinta you, Daddy.” which is in my opinion is one of the sweetest moments in disney films.

1. Lady Amalthea
Mythical beauty

I'm sure many of anda looked at the name and berkata "Lady Who"? Lady Amalthea is from the movie The Last Unicorn and she is not human, but a unicorn who was transformed into a human girl. Technically she isn't a princess, but she pretended to be one so I included her. While the movie isn't the greatest the beauty of this character is astonishing. She has a very unique appearance silver hair, purple eyes, and very pale skin.I find her gorgeous and she looks mythical. Even as a unicorn her beauty is so striking. So Lady Amalthea has the place of the prettiest Non-Disney princess and my prettiest princess surpassing Ariel.

Lady Amalthea oleh szienna