Childhood Animated Movie Characters Which one of these animated characters voiced oleh Frank Welker is your favorite?

Pick one:
Step stool/Sultan - Beauty and the Beast
Pascal - tangled
Maximus - tangled
Lucifer - cinderella sequels
Khan - mulan
Cri-Kee - mulan
Flit - Pocahontas
Abu - aladdin
Rajah - aladdin
Cave of Wonders - aladdin
Max - The Little Mermaid
Scooby Doo
fred Jones - Scooby Doo
Odin - Avengers Assemble
Santa’s Little Helper - The Simpsons
Nibbler - futurama
Bullseye - Toy Story
Dragon - shrek
Professor XXXL - Kids selanjutnya Door
Krunk - Dexters Lab
Altivo - The Road to El Dorado
Sabor - Tarzan
Pegasus - Hercules
Djali - Hunchback of Notre Dame
Bigfoot - A Goofy Movie
Horror - The Pagemaster
Dr. Claw - Inspector Gadget
Beaker - Muppet bayi
Spike - The Land Before Time
Toby - The Great mouse Detective
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