Time to be biased and choose the characters I enjoy seeing their presence in film as long as they're animated!

Seeing here though as this is the MOVIE characters daftar here are the ground rules!!

--> no characters from TV shows EVEN if they do actually have made for TV film (Sorry KP, Peter Parker, Lance and Obi wan kenobi but know I still cinta you)
--> ANY characters is game, hero/heroine, villain, side characters ANYONE!!


20. Ballerina (Fantasia 2000)

She didn't say a word but conveyed kindness to the tinman and never belittled him even when he felt embarrassed she made him feel better, never gave in the awful jack in the box no matter how he persisted and was classy and graceful. Of course I really loved her.

19. aladdin (Aladdin)

aladdin was always that "cool" nice guy for me. He was adventurous and jalan, street smart and cared about how people felt. But he was also a liar and sometimes was so consumed in his worries that he forgot to be the nice guy he was. So seeing him make up for his faults oleh being that guy at the end of the hari and accept himself always makes me happy.

18. Philip (Sleeping Beauty)

When I was younger and saw Sleeping beauty I was immediately determined to be Prince Philip when I grew up. I thought he was so confident and brave and strong and I wanted to be that too (well not pushy i mean i cinta him but he's a touch pushy too). I was (and still am) obsessed with fairy tale aspects like princes and princesses. He is the primary reason i developed "gentleman" habits like opening the doors, and holding the umbrella for ladies.

17. Snow white (Snow white and the seven dwarves)

I actually really cinta characters who are sugar incarnate sometimes due to actually being a asam puddleglum most of the time. Seeing Snow White always cheers me up, seeing her stay sweet and dreaming is despite living in horrible conditions and bringing that same cheer to the dwarves is great.

16. Toothiana (Rise of the guardians)

Toothiana really loves her job and I cinta that about her. She's just so hyped and happy to do her work as a tooth fairy she can't contain it. She's also very comfortable in her role as a guardian, able to fight without the movie trying to butch her up oleh removing any sweetness atau kindness she has. It actually enlarges it and it works to make her happiness infectious.

15. Edward (Enchanted)

Edward is a loud bernyanyi parody of the prince archetype and I think he's a sweetheart. He works on fairy tale logic but doesn't run over other peoples feeling in the process of getting his happy ending. He cares a lot about Giselle's happiness and genuinely cares about all the people who come into his life.

14. Vidia (TInkerbell series

As much as I'm attached to sweethearts though sometimes I find myself happy to relate lebih to the bitter, sarcastic, narcissistic characters and Vidia is that for me. She's just so much snark embodied in a tiny fairy that i can't help but enjoy her antics even if they're not always the right thing to do. Even when she develops into a lebih "good friend" she's still a lot of fun to watch as she wrestles a bit with her conscious and refuses to do "nice"... at least not totally.

13. Tod (The rubah, fox and the hound)

A little rubah, fox who befriends a hound and intends for it to stay that way. A lot of fun to play with and absolutely crushed when the world seems to take away his chance to be with his friend and surrogate mama. And he trudges on. He's cute and accepting and he's my son so :P

12. Jane Porter (Tarzan)

A smart young lady with the ability to adapt to her surroundings with only a touch of panicking (ok a lot but that gang of baboon's was terrifying) in absolute awe of her surroundings and thrilled whenever Tarzan learns and loves something too. She also comes with great art skills (i like drawing too Jane!) yah I like her.

11. Esmeralda (Hunchback of Notre dame)

Esmeralda is a role model mostly. Don't accept injustice around you, don't allow your friends to belittle themselves, refuse advances of perverted old men. stuff like that. She lives with her head held high and her jantung open. Can't help but admire her.

10. Proteus (Sinbad)

lebih prince role model for little Lanalamprouge! Yup when I was tiny I knew he was a good noodle. He trusted his friend was telling the truth (even if he didn't deserve it) wouldn't stand for the injustice of a mistrial, and is honest to a fault (no really he almost died for a crime he didn't commit because he refused to run away from the deal he made with the court). Treats marina with the utmost respect (asks her if SHE actually wants to get married) and is still the best friend ever after it's clear she's not into him like that. And can beat up people XD

9. cinderella (Cinderella)

There takes a lot of internal strength to not let yourself be broken in a world that seems against anda and I have always admired cinderella for that. I didn't see the disney version until whoooo middle of my teens but Cinderella's story is one I've followed over the many versions of different countries to re-iimaginings in film atau full length novels. I may not know EVERY cinderella under the sun but i do know my fair share and honestly Disney's cinderella didn't disappoint. She has a little backbone in her that lets her stand tall, a kindness in her that appreciates the good things that do happen, and they really tried but her step family didn't break her.

8. Thumbelina (Thumbelina)

Thumbelina is adorable. The most adorable pessimist to ever sing, dance, dream, and throw energy into everything she does. That is all.

7. Robber girl (Snow queen 1957)

Gah! she's so tiny and fierce. The robber girl is so rough and tough but the moment Gerda tells her she needs to go save Kai she freaking gives her a horse and lets her go, and when Gerda's gone she freaking cries because in that short time she grew attached to her and AAAAAHHHHHHH! ( i may have too many emotions for a character who was in the movie a short time)

6. Jim Hawkins (Treasure planet)

I've always wondered what Jim meant to me. It was never really a crush (no that whole "crush" thing wouldn't start until Lelouch) He was lebih of a brother figure to me atau even someone I admired. He was cool and smart but also hurting from his father leaving the family. He loved his mom (like the little stems of kindness like the little cover he gave her after the api burned it up, atau the fact that he's a good listener even if he doesn't "listen") but ended up hurting her with his rebelliousness. He seemed irreverent to authority but also did end up listening to them at the end revealing he was a hard worker (all them shiny pots and even graduating with medals, MEDALS!!, also a point of admiration for me). I related to him (i too am actually a good listener but don't like looking people in the eyes). He was smart but insecure (that speech about rattling the stars always gets me) and in the end finally found his balance.

5. Loki (Tales of Asgard)

Tales of Asgard is one of the couple marvel animated film i really like, I was amazed oleh how much i enjoyed but lo and behold it turns out Loki was my favorit character. I don't know, i just have a strong attachment to characters who value family ties and Loki is an amazing supportive brother in this movie to the point where the end is kind of sad and foreboding as it's this exact virtue that twists something inside him at the end. But throughout the movie I like seeing him be the best brother he can be.

4. Tiana (Princess and the frog)

I have an immense amount of admiration for Tiana. I personally have little ambition and a spotty work ethic so seeing Tiana with a clear goal and work through any and all obstacles in her way is really inspiring. I also cinta how family oriented she is, respect for her mama, respect for her papa, and at the end a strong rooted belief that life wasn't meant to be walked alone (value being carried on from her papa). She has so much energy and faith in her dream coming true that it always brings a smile to my face to see her sing "almost there".

3. Jack frost (Rise of the Guardians)

I have forever been fascinated with the idea of being young forever and media keeps telling me that it's not all it's cracked up to be (i'm a skeptic though so i tend to ignore them). Jack embodies that joy and fun of childhood (as he should since he is the guardian
of fun). He also tampil loneliness really well which i unfortunately relate to and I find comfort in how he carries it with a smile. I like seeing him find respect for the guardians while also keeping his fun side intact in a compromise that characters usually don't (some film have a my way atau the highway when it comes to fun> pride in tradition atau whatever is not considered fun).

2. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

For the longest time I have loved Belle. And as a kid the reasoning was simple. She loved reading, I loved reading, She was considered pretty without the advantage of other colored hair atau eyes, and her voice was soothing to me. As a teenager I loved her because She was human; she cried, she stood her ground, she was proud of her papa, and while saying sorry didn't come too easy (or at all) a "thank you" was lebih her style when it came to mending bridges. Just a touch older but not quite an adult yet i was forced to consider Belle on a character level, on a menulis level and on a "arc" level. Was her pride and cinta of life really not enough to make her fleshed out? But then it hit me. I didn't care. There's such a takeway from broiling her down to narrative function from seeing her on screen. How charming she is to me, how relatable I find her, how in cinta she is with living and sharing her cinta of buku with the beast atau just in cinta she is with seeing new things in the castle. Honestly every time I see her I think of the "i swear I lived" song. and every time i keep falling in cinta with her.

1. Eris (Sinbad)

Honestly the villains with so-so reason for messing with the heroes has never really bothered me since they made up for weak motivation oleh being some of the most entertaining parts of the movie. Eris has always taken the cake though in keeping my attention. She was deviously clever, devilishly charming, and had too much fun sending a kingdom to chaos for no other reason that why not? and not in the sense of hammy "BECAUSE I'M EVIL" but even as a kid i was interested oleh the lack of malice in how she operated, how natural doing this seemed to her and even the good grace she had when it was time to admit she lost and moved on to destroy new things. She managed to portray that her motive was mostly because as the goddess of chaos it was her role in the universe to start up a mess but not even in a "job" way but a "nature" way. So no hard feelings? :P and then she was constantly charming, smart, and a lot of fun to follow. Her animators did an A+ job, her voice actor did and A+ job and i just cinta her to bits.

And there anda go! my puncak, atas 20 who have my heart. I was unable to get ALL the characters I cinta and it might be that later someone breaks the 20 atau it changes (well most likely not the puncak, atas 10 because they've stayed the same) but for now here's my list.

Who are some of your favorites?